The Best Garage Bike Rack Reviews 2017

A garage bike rack is usually a stand, shelve or suspended system that are used to store bikes indoors. Secure garage bike storage is essential as it provides longer shelf-life to your bikes and is mostly built for making indoor storage of bikes convenient in your home, apartment or garage area. This equipment is capable of keeping your storage area clutter free and organized. There are many innovative designs and garage bike storage systems available today that are tailored to today’s modern lifestyle. When selecting a bicycle rack for yourself, consider the following factors:

  • Sturdiness of the design
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality of the material
  • Appearance

Bike racks were originally built more for public usage. Popular public storage bike racks included the “Sheffield Stand” after the city of Sheffield in England and the “Post and Ring” bike racks of Toronto, Canada. However, with the passage of time, various garage bike rack systems have become more personalized and people started inventing racks for personal storage.

Different Garage Bike Rack Systems

There are a multitude of garage bike rack designs available today in the garage bicycle rack market that is suitable for a variety of general and contemporary decors.

Garage Bike Racks

Here are some of the more popular storage options:

Rail Mounts – This type of mounted bike rack is typically a single bicycle system comprising of a rail mounted to the ceiling and a pulley system to enable the owner to hoist his bike to the ceiling. They have easy to install pulley leverage system which helps to lift and lower bikes effortlessly. Hence, women and children find it easy to use for hoisting their bikes. These designs also clears up a lot of floor space in your storage area and protects your bike from regular corrosive damage and keeps it in a durable condition for longer period. This garage bike storage system usually feature a good steel framework that enables it to carry heavy-weight bikes effectively. However, be sure to check that the rope you buy for the pulley is sufficiently strong to endure leverage related ware and tear. Special rubber padded hooks hold the bike in place protecting it against scratches structural damage.

Wall Mounts – A wall mounted garage bike rack is basically fitted directly on the wall using screws and bolts. Some of these wall mount bike hangerscome in tricky designs that buyers find hard to install. Use strong metal screws to ensure sturdy hanging of your bikes and keep a gap of at least 6-8 inches in-between two hangers, so that your bikes don’t get jammed together.

Bar Garage Bike Storage Racks – This type of design is effective for hanging many bikes together in a row. It is most popular with professionals and large families who own individual bikes. You can typically hang 6 or more bikes in a line without hassle. This garage bike rack also clears up a lot of floor space for those who have quiet a number of bikes in their possession. It comes with a robust steel body especially built for carrying heavy duty loads. Works best for mountain bikes and other smaller sports bikes.

Floor and Freestanding Bike Storage Stands – This design is preferred by bike owners who can or may not drill into walls or ceilings. The independent stands allow this rack to moved and re-positioned to suit the needs of the bike owner. This mobility makes it easier for you to adjust space as per your convenience anywhere. Floor stands have a special mechanism withholding your bikes from falling over once positioned. Floor stands are without a doubt the easiest garage bike rack to use and most accessible of all bike storage stand systems.

Finishing Types

There are different kinds of finishes or body works that vary depending upon the manufacturer of the garage bike storage rack system you select. A good finishing protects the rack from weather and other forms of damage an ensures the longevity of your system. Some popular coating finishes include:

Powder Coat – These come in various colors. The dry powder coating provides sturdy skeletal protection against weather changes and has a high glossy facade.

Zinc Coat – Also called galvanized coating. Mostly inexpensive, yet provides an excellent corrosion resistance against weather and other minor impediments. It has a dull appearance.

Cast-Off Plastic Coat – It is mostly made from recycled plastic materials and is environment friendly.

Stainless Steel – Considered one of the best hard-wearing materials with high corrosion guard and glossy attractive exterior. It is also simple to maintain and use and perfect for garage bike racks.

Garage Bike Storage Installation

The installation procedure of any type of garage bike rack is pretty crucial, so spend some time and do it right the first time to protect you bike and other items in the garage. The place of storage and optimum utility of the rack determines the modus operandi of the equipment in use. Therefore, selecting a good location is a vital part of the installation process.Select spaces according to the type of rack you are installing at your home or garage. Pick a safe spot where there will be fewer people or pets passing through. This enhances the safety of the area. Also ensure the locking mechanism of your equipment is correctly installed so that it doesn’t fall and cause unnecessary damage or injury.

The Top Bike Rack Reviews

Here  we’ve set out to review those garage bike storage systems that consistently receive the highest ratings and positive feedback from thousands of buyers on We continuously scour the web for new bike storage designs and evaluate their performance in the market and level of customer satisfaction before including them on this site. Our garage bike rack reviews are objective and aimed at shortening the amount of time you have to spend to find the best garage bicycle rack to fit you needs.

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