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6 Bike Rack from Monkey Bars Review

My personal favorite system of storing bikes is the bar storage rack system. I find this particular bar arrangement to be very handy and useful for storing bikes. Hence, my search led me to the Monkey Bar 6 Bike Rack. This bar rack surprised me with its very durable and practically viable great features that seemed pretty amazing to me. I therefore decided to write a good review about this useful equipment for interested readers and prospective buyers.

Why Buy The Monkey Bar Storage 6 Bike Rack?

Proficient Design – The design of this bar storage system is perfect for professional as well as great for personal use. With a maximum hanging capacity of 6 bikes, you can easily store your high-quality bicycles on this bike rack which offers great care and security. It is also an extremely advantageous bicycle storage system for bigger families who can accommodate all their bikes at one space without any hassle. This particular design also provides spacious relief to your garage and home base that would have been otherwise cluttered. With its use, you can effectively systematize your storage capacity at your garage or home.

Sturdy Steel Framework – The bars are made from solid industrial steel material to give the bike rack tremendous durability and robustness that is perfect for professional use. Accompanying this bar framework is the equally sturdy hooks that hold each bike with great care. The J-shaped monkey hooks are specifically granite powder coated to protect the rims of your bicycle from scratches and oxidization based chemical changes.

Weight Capacity – The Monkey Bar 6 Bike Rack has a lifting capacity of 200 lbs. It can carry all kinds of heavy-weight and light-weight bikes of varied features. You can securely hang road bikes, mountain bikes, beach cruisers and your kid’s bikes on this bicycle hanger.

Storage Capability – The storage system is vertical to the wall and you can easily hang 6 bicycles with a safe space between them. This helps you to save maximum space inside your garage, apartment, or home area.

Durability – Apart from the excellent steel mechanism, the Monkey Bar 6 Bike Rack has been given an excellent granite powder finish for long lasting permanence. The hook bars have been coated with polyurethane to protect the rims of your bike while it hangs from the wall. The overall coating is to make sure that the equipment remains dust-free and is protected from chemical changes.

The Package Comes With

  • Two Shed Brackets
  • One 51” Monkey Bar
  • Six pieces of J- Hooks powder coated with 5/16” of round bar
  • Four 2” Wooden Screws
  • Four Screw Washers
  • Equipment Installation Manual
  • Lifetime Warranty Card (conditions apply)

Easy Installation – The Monkey 6 Bike Rack can be effortlessly installed in no time. You only need the 4 screws to fix the bar to the wall. After the bar is installed, simply place the Monkey bar hooks through the bar brackets and hang your bicycles securely. All in all, the entire procedure will take only 15 minutes.

Monkey Bar 6 Bike Rack Product Details

  • The Monkey Bar 6 Bike Rack measures 51x4x3 inches (Length x Width x Height)
  • Weight is 7 Pounds (Shipping weight may be around 8 Pounds)

What Are The Buyers Saying?

  • ‘This is a good product and it does its job. Get longer lag bolts. After it was all said and done, I actually kind of wish I just made my own out of wood. I could have probably used 2×4 for the bar, and just bought large bike/rake/ladder type of hooks to screw into it. Would have saved a lot of money and may have been worth a shot.’
  • ‘My family has a lot of bicycles, and I searched all over for some heavy duty storage racks so I could get my bikes out of the way and off the floor of the garage. I bought two Monkey Bar 6 Bike Racks and knew as soon as I took them out of the box they were exactly what I needed.’
  • ‘The mounting brackets, the bars and the storage hooks are made of super heavy gauge metal, and they’re powder coated so the finish looks great and I’m sure will last forever. As long as you mount them on studs, they’re solid as a rock and sturdy enough to hold 6 bikes easily. The hooks adjust to any vertical or horizontal position you want. I positioned some of the hooks sticking out to hold the bikes’ front wheels, and others I put in the down position so I could hang helmets and other equipment.’


The Monkey Bar 6 Bike Rack has received many good feedbacks from customers. It has got an above average rating in Amazon. There have been slight problems with some buyers regarding the length of the screws, which can be conveniently replaced with the use of longer screws. Other than that, if you have any other technical problems then here are some useful guidelines listed below to help for a successful installation:

  • Buy screws/bolts of 3”/4” length.
  • Keep some distance from the wall while mounting the bar. This will prevent the bikes from stashing against the wall.
  • Be careful not to raise the bar too high up on the wall. 6” to 8” is good enough for lifting purposes.
  • You can use zip ties to keep the hooks stable and in place for extra safety if needed.

About Monkey Bars Storage Systems

Started in 2002, the innovative concept of this unique kind of storage system was conceptualized by none other than its founder Jared Newman. The Monkey Bars Storage Systems since then began providing storage solutions to a variety of garage and home based storage items ranging from hooks, tools, machine accessories and flooring services too. Presently, the company has its presence all across the U.S. and Canadian states with around 80 dealers in whole.

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Where To Shop For This Product?

The Money Bar 6 Bike Rack is available online on Amazon.com. Do checkout for shipping locations however. It most probably is available in China too other than U.S. and Canada. Shipping rates may or may not be applicable depending on the location of the buyer.

Expect To Pay

This product may cost you around $115. However, if attractive discounted prices are available, you may fetch this item for just *price.

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