The Best Indoor Bike Racks


Cycling can be expensive, especially if you are serious about your equipment and own a top-of-the-line bike. If the thought of storing your bike in the garage does not sound very appealing, or if you live in an apartment without your garage, your best bet might be an indoor bike rack.

Storing your bike indoors keeps it out of the elements and offers better protection from the more dishonest members of society, but it comes with its own challenges. Space might be an issue depending on your house or apartment size, which is why a decent indoor bike rack can be such a big boon.

Our Pick!


Bikehand Parking Bike Rack

This small, incredibly stylish indoor bike rack combines exceptional ease of use, a lifetime warranty, and a new push design!

Our Winners

  • Best Overall – Bikehand Parking Bike Rack
  • For several reasons, the Bikehand Parking Rack has gained a reputation as the best indoor bike rack. The high-quality aluminum alloy construction and four-point base provide exceptional stability. Additionally, this bike rack is compatible with most types of bikes, making it a versatile choice for bike owners. The Bikehand Parking Bike Rack is also incredibly easy to use, with a quick-release design that allows you to park and remove your bike quickly and without the need for tools. Its space-saving design, which allows you to store your bike vertically, is especially useful for those with limited storage space. Finally, the Bikehand Parking Bike Rack is built to last, with a durable aluminum construction and rust-resistant finish that ensures it will withstand regular use and last for years. All these features make it a top pick among bike owners looking for a reliable, easy-to-use, and versatile indoor bike rack.
  • Best Value For Money – Delta Cycle Michelangelo Bike Rack
  • The Delta Cycle Michelangelo Bike Rack is an affordable option with excellent value for its $67 price tag. Despite being relatively inexpensive, this bike rack is made with high-quality materials and has a sturdy, durable construction. Its unique gravity-based design allows it to assemble without hardware or tools easily. The Delta Cycle Michelangelo Bike Rack is also highly versatile and can accommodate bikes of different sizes and styles. The Delta Cycle Michelangelo Bike Rack offers a great combination of affordability, quality, and versatility, making it the best value for money for bike owners who want a reliable and practical bike rack without breaking the bank.
  • Best Wall-Mount Bike Rack – Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack
  • The Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack is the best wall-mount bike rack due to its innovative design and superior functionality. Unlike traditional bike racks, this wall-mounted rack can accommodate a wide range of bike styles and sizes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and even e-bikes, thanks to its unique pivoting design. This means it can support a wide range of bike weights, from 20 to 77 pounds. Additionally, the Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack is incredibly easy to install and use, with a simple swivel-action mechanism allowing you to store your bike easily. It also features a space-saving design that lets you store your bike vertically, occupying minimal space in your garage or storage area.

Our Selection of the Best Indoor Bike Racks

It doesn’t matter if you have an SUV, a 4Runner, an RV, or a truck or if you carry your bikes on the roof, hitch, trunk, spare, or even inside your vehicle. You will need a place to store your bikes at home or in your garage.

The 3 Categories of Indoor Bike Racks

The Best Floor Bike Racks

These bike racks are stored and used on the floor and have little to no need for mounting or installation, pop it down and start using it.

1. Bikehand Parking Bike Rack

Bikehand Floor Parking Rack

This is a small but incredibly stylish indoor bike rack. It is also unique as it incorporates an all-new push design.

Most bike racks involve you lifting your bike onto a suspended stand or over the lip of a floor stand. However, the Bikehand floor parking rack has a tilting front stand, allowing you to slide your bike directly into the parking slot. As soon as it is in place, the stand tilts against the wheel, effectively locking it in place.

But this is not the only reason it is included in this list! The Bikehand rack holds your wheel in place at three points, making it more secure than any other available rack. Clamping points lock against your bike’s tires, avoiding the risk of damaging or altering your derailleur. The lowest mounting point you ride into is extra deep to ensure the bike is stable, even under pressure.

Although anyone could use this rack, it especially benefits those with heavy bikes or who cannot lift.

This bike rack looks good; it is relatively discreet and can even be folded up, making it perfect for storing out of the way when not needed or for taking trips, providing you are also taking the car. Even if you do not have a stand, this rack can support your bike while out and about.


The Bikehand floor parking rack is made from high-quality steel that has been heat-treated and can be finished virtually any color you wish. Yes, it can be done to match your bike!

It is well built, and the new style design is simple, helping to ensure that you have no issues with this rack for years to come. It is also designed to accept virtually any bike, as long as it is over 20 inches and the tires are not wider than 2.4″.

Although this rack is small and close to the ground, you will be surprised at just how stable it makes your bike. It is virtually impossible to make it fall over, especially when exposing it to regular forces.

The rack weighs just 6 pounds and is 15 inches long by 6 inches wide when folded virtually flat. It is hard to imagine you needing anything else.


It is worth noting that the rack does not appear to have instructions on using it. It is already made for you, and operating it is simple.

Perhaps the most inspiring thing about this new approach to indoor bike racks is not that it is straightforward to use or looks good; it might just be that it comes with a lifetime warranty! That is how confident the manufacturers are in their product and why it is on this list.


  • Sturdy aluminum alloy construction and a four-point base that provides excellent stability
  • Quick-release design that allows you to park and remove your bike quickly
  • Space-saving design


  • Can only hold one bike at a time
  • Not suitable for all types of bikes
  • Assembly may require some effort

2. CyclingDeal 5 Bicycle Parking Rack

CyclingDeal 5 Bicycle Floor Parking Rack

As you can tell, this rack is designed to hold up to 5 bikes and sits on the floor.

In fact, in appearance, it looks very similar to many bike racks you will find provided in public places for securing your bike while you are out. The rack itself is made of high-quality steel, it has been powder coated in silver to make it aesthetically pleasing, and you may be surprised to find that it does not look as bad in your apartment as you think.

One excellent factor of this stand is the ability to separate it. It is built to hold five bikes, but you can remove one of the units or all of them, allowing you to store bikes in different locations or even keep racks in other places according to the places you frequent the most.

The racks can be separated easily via a quick-release mechanism. They can be moved in seconds as they do not need to be bolted down. Of course, it is possible to bolt the rack to the floor if required. This could be an option if you have children who are likely to move the rack or the bike; or if you are in a crime hot-spot area and wish to have a little extra protection for your pride and joy.


The entire rack weighs just 10 pounds and is not something that most non-cycling fans wish to have in their sitting room. It arrives in sections and can be easily put together; in the process, you will understand the quick-release mechanism for taking it apart.

Unlike many bike racks with a slot for the tire, this rack is designed to handle any size and type of adult bicycle, making it an excellent choice for those with a selection of bikes for all occasions. It is worth noting that this indoor bike rack will not accommodate wheels smaller than 20 inches; this will rule out the majority of children’s bikes and makes a stand an impractical choice for families.


This product is one of the most affordable bike racks on this list. It is possible to use it outside, although you would be advised to bolt it down due to the lightness of the rack. Its powder coating will protect it from the elements, but it may suffer in high winds.

You should also be aware that this rack is designed to store your bike upright, but if desired, it is possible to store them diagonally. This can be achieved by switching the left arm with the right arm when constructing the rack. This is not something envisioned by CyclingDeal, but it is an attractive solution when space is at a premium.

Unless you are an avid cycling fan, this rack is best suited to your garage floor, but it can be used effectively inside the house; all you need is a little space!


  • Can hold up to five bikes at once
  • High-quality steel and has a powder-coated finish
  • Easy to assemble and set up


  • Take up a lot of floor space
  • This bike rack is relatively heavy
  • It may not be wide enough to accommodate larger bike frames, such as those on mountain bikes or fat-tire bikes

3. Reliancer Sports Foldable Stand

RELIANCER Sports Foldable Bike Stand

Bike racks are becoming more stylish and innovative. Reliance offers a stylish, easier-to-use solution for storing one bike in your home or garage. It is designed to be used with bikes in the 20-inch to 29-inch range, which covers children’s bikes from approximately 10 to virtually every adult bike on the market.

The frame is black, allowing it to be discreet in your home, especially when unused. This is aided by the fact that it can fold almost flat. This makes it easy to take with you if needed or leave it out of harm’s way until your return. This should never be overlooked if you have children in your home.

It weighs just 3.5 pounds and measures 17.12 inches by 7.16 inches by 3.74. You can store it virtually anywhere! Storing it is also effortless thanks to the clever design; pull one knob, which will fold up, provided the bike is not in it.


The bike rack is made from high-quality steel powder coated and heat-treated to ensure it lasts long. The quality of the workmanship is evident, and the mechanism works smoothly. It is not likely to need any maintenance for many years. You will, of course, need to accept that it comes in just one color; black. This is true for so many of the bike racks currently available.

To operate, you push your bike into the slot. It will grab your bike and hold it firmly while tilting the mechanism to ensure it cannot accidentally come back out.

The device has a spring-loaded arm that captures the bike wheel and helps to lock it into position. This second arm also helps to ensure the stand is stable, no matter how heavy the bike is. It will not fall under reasonable pressure.

This bike stand is unique because it offers the stability and ease of use that many fully enclosed bike racks give you, yet this is a virtually open mounting. Using this will stop the handlebar marks from appearing against your wall; you will even be able to locate your bike safely in the best possible place to use it.


  • Lightweight and can be easily folded up for transport or storage
  • Easy to assemble and doesn’t require any special tools or equipment.
  • Can accommodate a wide range of bike styles


  • Can only hold one bike at a time
  • It can wobble or tip over if not set up correctly

The Best Wall Mount Bike Racks

Wall mount racks do what they say on the can; they attach to your wall and hold your bike steady and safe. Often requiring just a few screws, these are among the most popular and effective bike storage methods.

4. Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack

At first glance, the Steadyrack classic looks like the frame of a golf caddy. However, this sophisticated bike rack provides excellent value for money and looks good. The bike rack is designed to be used on the wall; you drive your tire into it, and, providing it is not wider than 2.2 inches, it will be held securely, preventing your bike from falling over.

If your tire is wider than 2.2 inches, you cannot fit it into this rack! It will last for many years with minimal or no maintenance.

A Steadyrack classic is not your traditional wall-mounted bike rack; it makes your bike look good (or better than usual). The rack is mounted, so you drive your tire up the wall and into the mount. This locks it into place and leaves your bike vertically against the wall.

It is worth considering this point as, while it looks good, it will need to be pushed against the wall not to lift your bike; it may not be something you want to keep in your living room. You can see an example of the rack being used here.

You will note the video shows the tires never touch the wall; however, if you slip or feel weak, this could become an issue.


The rack is also designed to allow you to fold your bike sideways; against the wall, it takes up less of the physical space in the room but potentially increases the chance of damaging the wall. For this reason, the Steadyrack bike mounts best suit your garage or another outbuilding.

It is an ingenious solution to the storage of your bike. The rack can be mounted in a matter of minutes; it is bolted to the wall at the top and the bottom. You must ensure the mount is straight and secure it onto a load-bearing wall or the stud of a partition wall. Dry lining alone will not support the weight of your bike.

Once you have mounted the central mount, you need to hold your bike in position while you mark where the lower support should go and then secure it.


The Steadyrack Classic weighs just 6.5 pounds and folds almost flat, making it easy to carry and safe when your bike is out. The entire mount is just 25 inches by 22 inches by 5 inches, making it small enough to fit virtually anywhere in your garage. You can lower the clamping mechanism and drive your tire in whenever necessary.

Because you need to do all the lining up yourself when installing this, you can set it in the perfect position for each bike, making this an excellent way to customize your bike stand.


  • A great option for those who have limited space for bike storage
  • User-friendly, with a simple and intuitive mechanism that makes it easy to load and unload bikes
  • Can accommodate a wide range of bike styles and sizes


  • Relatively expensive compared to other bike racks
  • It can be difficult to mount securely to the wall
  • It can only hold one bike at a time

5. Allen Sports Wall-Mounted Storage Rack

Allen Sports Wall Mounted 2-Bike Storage Rack

The Allen wall-mounted two-bike storage rack is perfect if you want something compact, convenient, and strong enough to do the job. With a straightforward installation system requiring only one wood screw, this Allan rack could be precisely what you’re looking for.

Not all partition walls with dry lining may be sturdy enough to take the weight of your bike. This bike rack is designed for two bikes or can accommodate two children’s bikes.


The Allen rack is effectively two strong bars mounted on your wall. The bars are coated in a corrosion-resistant zinc-plated black finish to provide an industrial quality professional aesthetic. This finish is designed to protect your bike and the rack; no more worrying about corrosion or scratch marks. The finish will also prevent rust from attacking the rack.

Although designed for indoor use, this rack can be used outside, provided you have covered your bikes in the case of rain. Mounting the rack is easy, needing only a single wood screw to install. It takes at most 5 minutes to mount or unmount the Allen rack.

Besides the ease of installation, the factor that makes this rack shine is its patented folded design which makes for easy storage when not in use. Unmount your bikes and fold the rack into itself to avoid catching the bars when you walk past.

As with all wall-mounted racks, a benefit to the design is that you can also hand your extras and accessories from the ends of the arms. Mount your bike and hang your helmet on the remaining inch of your arm; it’s convenient by design.


The Allen wall-mounted rack is a solid member of the Allen rack family and can be relied on. Allen has made its reputation as a manufacturer of racks that work and work. The Allen wall-mounted rack is no different.

It is worth noting that the bars of this Allan rack may not fit some of the wider varieties of bikes, particularly mountain bikes if you wish to mount two with space left over. However, you may consider adding a strap to hold the bike in place and putting some cushioning material against your garage wall; to ensure your bike does not become needlessly damaged.


  • One of the most affordable bike storage solutions
  • It can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of bike sizes and styles
  • Designed to be compact and space-saving


  • Plastic components of the bike rack may not be as durable as other bike racks made from metal
  • The installation process can be challenging and time-consuming
  • It can only hold one bike at a time

The Best Freestanding Bike Racks

These racks are generally taller than they are wide, and while floor based and freestanding, they may come with options for them to either be attached or set to lean against a wall. These racks effectively use space and often allow for more bikes than usual floor racks.

6. Delta Cycle Michelangelo Storage Bike Rack

The Delta Cycle Michelangelo bike rack is designed to store two bikes in your home or garage safely. It has no wall attachment, although intended to lean against the wall. This is achieved via its legs which angle out at the bottom, supporting it even with the weight of two bikes.

It is worth noting that this support protrudes past the bike; this gives it stability but can make it a trip hazard when no bikes are on the stand.

This indoor bike rack weighs 12.6 pounds and can be assembled in just a few minutes. It is 83 inches tall, 19.75 inches wide, and comes out 16 inches from the wall. Both the upward supports have hooks fastened to provide you with a place for storing the two bikes.

The maximum weight indicated by Delta Cycle is 80 pounds, which should be more than adequate for most bicycles available on the market. The rack does require some putting together; it uses M5 bolts, although all the holes and necessary fittings arrive with it. Most people can put it together in less than 15 minutes.

While this rack can be used in the garage, it seems a shame to hide it away! The rack is exquisite and designed to reflect the current art deco trends. This should not be surprising, considering the name of the rack; it has to look good! The frame is made from tubular steel for strength but powder-coated silver, providing the right look and strength to hold your bikes indefinitely.


It is coated with heavy-duty rubber bumpers that protect your wall and floor from damage.

Like many other racks in this list, the arms can be easily adjusted to suit your bike’s type, size, and style. Whether you have a race-ready bike, or a mountain bike, or need somewhere for his and her day cycles, this is the rack for you.

When not in use, it can be left safely leaning against the wall as an art deco ornament; you may even have people staring at it, trying to figure out what it is!


Delta Cycle has included a limited lifetime warranty with this stand, showing their confidence in the product and justifying its presence on the top bike rack list!

There have been reports of Michelangelo falling over, although the company confirms any issues have been resolved. However, securing this tack to the wall is easy if this still concerns you. The safety of your rack is then assured, providing your wall is strong enough!

A final point worth noting, especially in the competitive world of indoor bike racks, is that the company behind this product, Delta Cycle, is gaining a reputation for caring about its customers. If you have an issue with this product, you can expect a prompt, friendly, and helpful response. That only makes this rack a top contender.


  • Great space saver
  • Easy to install and requires no drilling or permanent alterations to your walls.
  • Can accommodate a wide range of bike sizes and styles


  • Can only hold up to two bikes at a time
  • Requires some assembly

7. RAD Cycle Gravity Bike Stand


This indoor bike rack is designed to handle two bikes, one above the other. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone limited in space. The slim rack’s simple design allows it to fit into virtually any environment.

It is designed to handle 125 pounds, ideally split into two bikes of around 50 pounds each, although it is possible to have a heavier bike on the bottom and a lighter one on the top.


The RAD rack has a solid projecting foot to ensure your bikes remain securely on the rack, not the floor. This is accompanied by a screw fitting, allowing you to fasten your bikes to the wall securely.

Each of the arms is adjustable; this allows you to mount any bike, male or female, and still take the minimum necessary space from your room. This movement also allows you to keep the level of the bike. Both the height and the width of these bars can be adjusted. Rubber guards on the base will protect your flooring from any damage; unless you hit the walls while mounting the bike. Even the bike support arms have a vinyl coating to protect your bike from damage.

The rack is available in just one color; black. But this does ensure it will blend into virtually any location. It is worth noting that, despite being made from heavy-duty steel, the RAD indoor bike rack weighs just 25 pounds. It can be easily moved if you need to.

Of course, you should verify that you have space where you intend to keep your bikes; the stand is just 33.5 inches wide and comes 15 inches from the wall. It is 79 inches tall, but you must remember that your bike needs to fit in the space around it; the alcove looks excellent but may not accommodate your bike.

The beauty of this rack is not its simplicity; it is the fact that it can be easily moved when needed. With just one screw securing it to the wall, there is minimal damage, and it takes moments to locate it elsewhere. This is important as the ideal position may not be as appealing once the rack is in place.


The screw is not considered an essential part of this rack; it can stand alone. However, screwing it to the wall will give you peace of mind and may be exceptionally beneficial if you have children in your home.

It is worth noting that this rack does need to be assembled once you have received it. The rack is discreet but has a slightly industrial feel thanks to the many positions in which the arms can be placed.


  • Easy to use and requires no installation or assembly
  • Space-saving
  • An affordable option for bike storage


  • Can only hold up to two bikes at a time
  • It may not be as stable as other bike storage solutions and may tip over if bumped or moved.

8. Racor Pro PLB-4R Gravity Bike Stand

At first glance, without any bikes on, you would be forgiven for thinking this is a stylish hat stand. However, on close inspection, it will become apparent that this product’s industrial design and flexibility have suited it to store your favorite bike and your less favorite ones.

The Racor Pro PLB-4R comes in black and is designed to be freestanding. This means you can use it virtually anywhere in your room, even in the center, if you choose! The different range of options this can provide you with in any room is staggering; it will be possible to keep your bikes in any room of the house; or a different room every day.

This indoor bike rack has been well tested to ensure it can safely support your bike despite not being secured to a wall; this is an impressive development. The rack weighs less than 25 pounds and is 22 inches by 32.5 inches without any bikes. Its height is just 81 inches, ensuring it will fit comfortably in any room.

This also provides enough space to adjust the stand to fit one bike above the other, even if you are tall and your bike frames are at the top end of the scale. With a design to handle four cycles with a maximum weight of 160 pounds, it should be a desirable option to any cyclist.


The frame is made from steel, tubular for additional strength, and powder coated to ensure it lasts many years. You will also be relieved that you do not need any tools to assemble this rack.

Perhaps more importantly, the rack is exceptionally flexible. You can choose where to position the arms and mount just one or all four bikes, according to your needs. The adjustability includes making an allowance for the angle of the bike. The Racor Pro PLB-4R ensures your bike is horizontal and safely stored at all times.

Each arm is vinyl coated to protect your bike from unwanted scratches. The base is also covered with heavy-duty rubber; this will ensure your floor does not get marked.


It is worth noting that the bike can be attached to a wall if required via an optional extra. However, all customer reports so far indicate that this is not necessary. The stand is so well-balanced that it will stay upright even with four bikes on it.

Although this indoor bike rack may not win awards as the most stylish, it is convenient and has a certain charm, which is helpful when storing four bikes inside your home.


  • Easy to use and requires no installation or assembly
  • Can hold up to four bikes at a time


  • It does not offer much adjustability in terms of height or angle
  • It may not be as stable as other bike storage solutions and may tip over if bumped or moved.

9. Gearup OakRack Bike Storage Rack

The Gearup OakRak Floor to Ceiling Storage Rack

Gearup OakRak is made from the American red oak tree and is an all-American product. It is designed to provide an effective and safe storage option for up to 4 bikes and is fully adjustable to your needs.

The first thing you will realize when you see this product is that it is well-suited to almost any home; the natural wood sits well in contemporary houses, modern apartments, and more traditional homesteads.


The rack is also adjustable. It is designed to fit rooms with heights between 7 ft and 10 ft; effectively a one size fits all option for bike racks. Its standard dimensions are 120 inches by 15 inches by 10 inches. It could look like an attractive post in your house or even an unusual totem pole.

The wood is coated with an oil stain to preserve and protect it for years, while the oak base is designed to ensure it remains stable, even under maximum load. You can safely put 200 pounds of weight on this rack.

The bike holders are mounted independently, allowing you to accommodate sloping and straight frames. You can also control the bike’s height, ensuring they are appropriately secured and do not touch each other.

The rack has a vinyl coating on its support arms to ensure your bike does not get damaged when lifting it on and off the rack. It also features a handy strap that secures the wheel to your frame, ensuring it doesn’t move or get nudged while stored.

The product has been built to the best possible standards and shows quality. It arrives with all the necessary fixings to support two bikes, but you can easily purchase extra fittings for another two.

In addition, it is possible to purchase accessory kits that will allow you to store your bike accessories, such as your helmet, lights, and other essential devices.

Although this structure is mounted from floor to ceiling, it does not appear obtrusive in any room. It will add character to your home. It requires no fixings and will not leave any marks on your floor, walls, or ceiling, regardless of how long you need to keep it up.


Installing this bike rack is surprisingly easy. You must wind the inner section out until it reaches your ceiling; you must assemble a few parts before doing this, but the instructions are straightforward.

Installing this where you know a beam exists in the ceiling is advisable. If you don’t, you risk lifting the ceiling as you wind the mechanism. You can then position all the arms where you feel most appropriate for your needs. This bike rack looks good in any situation; you may even decide you like it so much you need a second for your bike!


  • Has a sleek and stylish design
  • Easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions


  • It does not offer much adjustability in terms of height or angle
  • It comes at a higher price point than some other bike storage solutions

The Indoor Bike Rack Buyers Guide

When it comes to indoor bike racks, there aren’t any rules stating how they should or shouldn’t look, so ideally, you should look for something that will match your decor.

If you want a nice rack to store your bike in the garage without fear of falling over or getting hit by your car, you don’t have to worry too much about the style.

But, if the bike is hanging on your living room wall, you might want to consider something elegant that will match the rest of your decor and won’t irk anyone with whom you are sharing your living space.

For those fortunate enough to live with a fellow bike enthusiast, bike racks can hold more than one bike.

There is a range of criteria you should consider before committing to one of the top 10 listed above:

The Style of Your Bike Rack

A proper indoor bike rack is a space saver and great for avoiding mishaps when a bike is left leaning against a wall indoors. It keeps your bike safe from scratches and dents (provided you mounted everything properly, of course!) and gives you peace of mind that your bike is out of harm’s way. Before buying the first indoor bike rack, you see, assess your home to determine what will fit and where it will fit. I also suggest discussing your plans with your spouse, as she might have other plans for that comfy corner or prime section of the wall you had your eyes on.

No matter what you work with, you will find some options. Let’s look at some of the bike rack styles that could suit your needs.

Free Standing Indoor Bike Rack
Free Standing Indoor Bike Rack

These racks aren’t mounted and require no installation. They’re a convenient solution for those with the space to store them.

Gravity Wall Indoor Bike Rack
Floor to Ceiling Vertical Bike Racks

The optimal solution for multiple bike storage needs. Its long body extends from floor to ceiling, creating from which to hang various bicycles.

Wall Mounted Indoor Bike Racks
Wall Mounted Indoor Bike Racks

These wall-mounted racks are often the most sturdy option and can also add to a great aesthetic.

Ceiling Mountable Indoor Bike Racks
Ceiling Mountable Indoor Bike Racks

While usually the most inexpensive, these racks are also the best option for neat freaks and storage savvy.

Floor to Ceiling Vertical Bike Racks
Gravity Wall Indoor Bike Rack

These racks use gravity to keep stable while requiring no installation or damage to your wall, excellent for those who rent a property.

Horizontal Floor Indoor Bike Racks
Horizontal Floor Indoor Bike Racks

A stalwart of bike storage solutions. This rack may take up the most space, but it is the simplest to use and is also exceptionally kid-friendly.

Now that you know the various types of bike racks available and can see/review the best ones available on the market, it is essential to understand the right approach to buying your bike rack. This will ensure you purchase the best one for your needs.

This guide has informed you about the different types of racks available; some may appear more stylish than others but style, although necessary, is not everything.

The available space, your current physical condition, and even the other household members should influence the type of rack most suited to your home and lifestyle.

It can be easy to forget this when looking at all the different racks and getting excited about specific features. However, knowing which type of indoor bike rack best suits your needs is essential to choosing the right one.

Remember, your needs differ from your friends; the best bike rack for you will not necessarily be the best for them. You should consider these points when purchasing your bike rack:

Available Space

Most bike racks are created to minimize the disruption to your home and prevent you from using too much space when storing your bike or bikes. However, this does not mean that you can purchase the rack you like the look of the most.

In general, people choose to use a bike rack as they either do not have the space to keep the bike outside or are tired of the walls, and the bike is damaged.

Having decided to purchase a bike rack, you must consider the available space. No matter how compact the bike rack is, your bike will still need enough space to sit in it.

If you have minimal space, consider using the walls and hanging bikes vertically above each other. The higher you mount the bike, the less intrusive it is in your living space, although it can make the room more confined.

It would be best if you also looked at the ease of access. You will likely use less if getting your bike on and off its storage rack is a real chore. This is not a desirable option!

It is also worth considering the space you live in the most. Although you may prefer to have the bike out of sight while enjoying your evening television, the space taken away in your main room will probably affect your movement around your home less than keeping it in the hallway.

Even locating the rack in your garage, you must consider how much space you have and how many bikes you need to store.


It is, of course, essential to consider your budget. There is little point in choosing a fantastic bike rack if it is twice the amount you must spend.

As you will have seen from this review, the best indoor bike racks do not have to cost a fortune; all designs have merit and practicality.

Therefore, before looking at a bike rack, you must consider the funds available to purchase one; then select one within your budget.

You can wait for the right bike rack if your budget is limited. Alternatively, you may find that your housemate is amicable to a bike rack that allows them to store a bike, now or in the future. This can be half the cost, making even the most expensive ones affordable.


When buying anything, it is worth looking at the reviews. An excellent starting point is this review. However, looking at reviews written by people with these products would be best.

The best place to do this is on sites like Amazon, where you can see what people have to say after buying the rack. You can also look at social media sites and customer forums; they all provide genuine feedback, which can help you make the right decision.

Statistics show that online reviews influence 90% of people. It would be best if you were one of the 90%.

There is a simple reason for this; although people will often be quicker to leave negative feedback than positive, the overall feel of reviews should show whether the product is worthwhile and fit for the purpose you wish to use it for.

This is exceptionally important when reviewing indoor bike racks, and you will need to know that they offer your bike the protection that the adverts say they do. People with personal experience can confirm this.

Reviews can also steer you toward the right retail outlet. It might be that a product is excellent, but the service from one particular vendor is terrible. Reading reviews will help to ensure you choose the right bike rack and purchase it from the best place.

Location, Location, Location

Did you know that two-thirds of internet users in the EU shop online? This statistic highlights the increased popularity of the web. However, this is not the only way to purchase something; it is worth considering all your options.

Generally speaking, internet retailers can sell you the product cheaper than a high street store; they have much fewer overheads. Unfortunately, dealing with an online retailer can be much more challenging if you have a fault or complaint with the bike rack.

This may not be an issue if you have researched and read the reviews. However, it is always worth considering what companies may be selling the same bike rack locally and how much the price difference is.

The advantage of a local retailer is being able to visit and negotiate with them. This can make you feel more comfortable, especially when making a high-value purchase.

You should know you have the same rights when shopping online as in a high street store. Many websites offer better protection. But this does not stop you from checking the market before deciding where to buy it. This will ensure you are happy with the product and the service for the long term.


Every bike rack in this best guide provides rubber or nylon protection as standard to ensure your bike is not damaged while on the rack.

It is essential to consider this and look at each bike rack according to where you intend to locate it and how easy it will be to slide the bike on and off. The higher the bike rack, the more likely you will damage your bike or the wall.

It would be best to look at the protection offered by the various indoor bike racks to ensure your bike will be well looked after.

Another critical factor is that you may not be the only one using the bike rack. If your rack can handle 2, 3, or even four bikes, it is unlikely that you will always be the one loading and unloading the bikes.

You must, therefore, consider the potential for others to damage your bike when lifting theirs on and off. Your choice of bike rack should reflect this essential element.

Others in Your Household

It is unlikely that everyone in your household will feel the same about your bike or bikes as you do. This means you must consider where your bike rack should go concerning their activities.

The most desirable place may be somewhere where the other members of your household spend a lot of time. By considering their needs and the traffic passing through each room, you will be able to work out the best place and one that will not cause friction with others.

This can be an excellent opportunity to introduce them to cycling or to encourage them to use their bike more; make sure your stand will take their bike as well as yours. The bonus is that it will be harder for them to complain about the indoor bike rack if their bike is also on it.

Of course, if your family or roommate is also mad about bikes, this will not be an issue!


The prices of indoor bike racks depend on how elaborate the actual rack is, what material it is made from, and how sturdy it is.

The type of indoor bike rack you choose will also determine how complicated it is to assemble and set up. The process can range from being as simple as screwing a frame to a wall to opening a bag and being showered in slide nuts, screws, star washers, Velcro, and more!

Fortunately, you will usually find an instruction manual in the box to help you piece together your new kit. If all else fails, online instructional videos will always teach you the ropes if you opt for one of the more widely known and available racks.


After buying and installing your indoor bike rack, you also have to take care of it, but this mostly comes down to some common sense. For example, if you have children in the house, you don’t want them using your new bike rack as a climbing frame. Most frames are sturdy but not designed as play areas for children or animals. Bike racks are also not made to store anything that isn’t a bike or maybe bike-related s,o find something else to keep your golf clubs, gym weights, or whatever else you might be tempted to attach to the rack.

Most importantly, if you have spent the day mountain biking through dirt and mud, clean the bike before wheeling it into your home and sticking it in the rack.


As you can see, there are plenty of options, so don’t rush your decision and end up with an indoor bike rack that doesn’t match your home. If your bike is important enough to you to keep indoors, it is important enough to warrant an investment in a proper bike rack. Choose one from this list, and you will not go wrong.

Having a bike rack may not seem necessary, but using your bike regularly will make your life easier. It doesn’t matter if you live in a mansion or a one-roomed apartment; a bike rack will do more than keep your bike safe from thieves; it will protect it from accidents in the home, allow you to keep your space tidy, and always have your bike accessible. Most importantly, you will always know where your bike and accessories are.

You should be able to choose a bike rack from this list and follow the steps in this guide to find the perfect indoor bike rack for your present needs. However, remember that this does not mean it will always be the best bike rack for you; times and locations change.

The best indoor bike racks can be easily stored or reduced in size to avoid injuries. This is one of the reasons why it is best to purchase a purpose-made bike rack rather than attempt to build your own. It can be very frustrating and painful when you walk into the protruding part of your bike rack for the third time in one day!

With your bike rack chosen and your bike safely secured, you can focus on using the bike or bikes. Whether you enjoy gentle rides with the family, training for race day, or just the freedom of the road, your bike is an essential tool and part of your life.

If you look after it, then it will look after you. The best way to start this process is to find the right bike rack and store your bike in an appropriate indoor bike rack. Take your time to choose the right bike rack; it will be your friend for a long time.

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