Rail Mount Bike Hoist and Ladder Lift

RAD Bike Hoist and Rail Mount Ladder Lift by RAD Review

Many of us love the idea of a bike hoist in our garage storage or home space. It is definitely a unique concept indeed along with a modish essence too. But when it comes to purchasing, majority of us falter and tend to buy something, which we totally abhor later.So, I did up a little study and exploration run around the web and a brief rummage led me to the ‘2007 RAD RAIL HOIST’ from RAD CYCLE PRODUCTS, which sounded pretty sensible. I’ll Explain Why!  But first it is important that you know something about a mounted bike hoist.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Bike Hoist

If a ceiling bicycle hanger is what you really want, then it is essential for you to consider the following few important aspects to make sure you choose the appropriate one that is practically useful. Here are the valuable guidelines:

  • Choose a bike hoist hanger that has a good deal of safety features. Maximum safety features will provide you with the most secure hanging facility.
  • Design is absolutely secondary here compared to the expediency of the equipment. Never compromise on the features.
  • Never get carried away by the dazzling sleekness and stylish appeal of the Rail Mount Bike Hoist only. This may lead you to make a poor choice with regards to features.
  • However, if you get a combined advantage of both look and usefulness, then it’s definitely ‘Christmas!’ for you.

Why Buy The ‘2007 RAD Rail MountBike Hoist’?

The innovative features of the ‘2007 RAD Rail Mount Bike Hoist’ has great efficiency in terms of practical utilization. It agreeably fits the above mentioned aspects I already discussed. But I will provide you with furthermore specifications of its technical features below that will actually give you a greater insight about this product.

Good spacing distance between floor and top limit – The bicycle lift is conveniently designed for ceilings till 12 feet in height, which is pretty average in terms of ceiling height. This makes it easier for every member of your family to reach the hoist within normal limits comfortably.

Rubber Padded Hooks – The hooks for holding the bike are distinctively designed with rubber veneer making it safe against scratches and other corrosions.

Thick and Sturdy Ropes – The ropes are exceptionally made of strong materials guaranteed for a lifetime durability. So, you need not worry about wear and tear mishaps.

Easy Leverage – The pulley system is really smooth and very handy. This makes the task of lifting bikes effortless even for women and children. It can be operated by all.

Excellent Locking Mechanism – This is the most important feature of this equipment. The locks are really good and are uniquely built to prevent accidental release of the bike. The locking mechanism secures the rope every time you haul the bike upwards. That means you can be worry free about anyone getting hurt while raising bikes.

Lift Capacity – The equipment has a lifting capacity of 75 pounds. Therefore, you can hang both heavy weight and light weight bikes comfortably.

Design – Designed in sleek style with great inventive features that sets it apart from most of the standard hoists that are available in the market today. The rail feature has been built in such a way that it allows you to hang your prized bike both in horizontal or vertical position from the ceiling. The new design is also very user friendly along with adjustable spacing distances between the two hooks that cater to bicycles of various size and shapes making it an ideal hoist and ladder lift for your garage space.

Product Specification

  • The RAD Cycle Products Rail Mount Bike Hoist and Ladder Lift is 30x8x8 inches in measurement.
  • It is completely made of heavy gauge aluminum that is rust free and chemical proof.
  • It weighs about 5 Pounds.
  • Shipping weight could be around 6 pounds depending upon the thickness of packaging.

About RAD Cycle Products

Incidentally, RAD is one of the leaders in bike accessories that specially deal with all kinds of light and heavy-weight bike accessory tools and parts. This bicycle rail mount manufactured by RAD is their latest innovative design.

How to Use

Where Can I buy RAD Cycle Products?

The product is available in U.S.A., China and a few selected countries around the world. Shipping charges may or may not apply depending upon your location of order. It is also available online through a multitude of popular shopping websites like Amazon, etc. Be sure to look for the right feature specifications in authentic websites. So, if you place an order, shipping may hardly take a day or three to reach given your place of stay.

How Much To Pay For It?

If you are planning to buy it, the outlay of this mounted bike hoist from RAD should cost you around *price depending upon your mode of purchase. But if you are really keen on having the mounted hanger style, be assured that this exclusive innovative product from RAD Cycle products is worth your purchase.

Buyers Reviews

  • “My sanity is worth that much. I have kids and I don’t want to have to worry about a bike falling on my child.”
  •  “Might benefit from a slight redesign to the rail to accommodate screws or bolts with a thicker head (take one of the supplied screws, insert it through the hole in the rail and slide one of the brackets over where the screw is, and you’ll see what I mean).”
  •  “Once installed, I can say this is a nice lift. Good hooks, lifts the bike level.
    Instructions to align the lift pullies to the bike are simple.”

Feedback Evaluation

So far this rail mount bike hoist has received no negative response apart from the thickness of the screw heads, which I guess is hardly a problem. Use it if only it suits your choice. And choice is of course variable. However, the best thing about this ceiling hoist is that you can hang more than one bike at a time. Given the procedure for installation, you can make a layout for at least four bikes with reasonable amount of space among each according to your need.

Moreover, with the supple design of this product, you can hang almost anything alongside given the practical utility of this merchandise. The pulleys and latches are super efficient and safety prone, which will give you the much needed security you desire!

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