Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two Bike Storage Rack Review

The Bottom Line

The Delta Cycle Michelangelo bike rack offers stable storage while not taking up much space. You can even move it to different rooms effortlessly because you don’t need to mount it to the wall. Storage never needs to cause you to stress again.


At a Glance

80 lbs

84″x 20″x 16″

Space can often be an issue when it comes to storing your bike. Bikes can be bulky which means they get in the way of your cars or furniture. Many enthusiastic cyclists also live in compact apartments where bike storage is almost impossible. If space is an issue for you, why not consider the Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Storage Rack?

Space & How It Influences Your Choice of Storage Rack

If you have a storage shed for your bikes then you have more than enough space when it comes to packing them away. Unfortunately, many cycling enthusiasts have to keep their bikes in their garages or even their apartments because space is so limited.

That’s why choosing the right storage rack is important. There are many options available that will save you space and also prevent any damage to your bike. The main three types of storage stands are vertical, horizontal, and roof racks.

Vertical Rack

A vertical rack works by hooking the wheels so the bike stands against the wall in the same position as it would on the road. If you own many bikes but have little space to store them, this type of rack is perfect for you. It takes up very little wall space so you can store as many bikes as you have wall space.

One issue is it takes up a lot a of floor space, so if you’re trying to squash it in with your cars it may not be ideal. It also exerts more force on gravity, so the hooks will wear out over time and it may even lead to breakage. It’s more commonly used in stores where many racks are needed to display available stock.

Vertical wall mount bike rack

Horizontal Rack

The horizontal rack is probably the best for home use. This rack hangs the bikes against the wall so you have more use of your floor space. It’s perfect if you need to keep your bike in your garage or even your living room. The best part is that it makes a great display.

If it has one flaw, it’s that most horizontal bike racks take up a lot of wall space so you’re only able to store two to three bikes on a wall. This is usually ideal for families who only have one bike per member.

Horizontal wall mount bike rack

Roof Rack

A roof rack is only recommended if your space is really limited or if you only use your bicycle on a rare occasions. It literally refers to hanging your bikes from the roof. Although this leaves your floor and wall space free, it can be challenging to dismount your bikes from the rack.

Your bikes also have more chance of causing damage if they fall. If you haven’t bought a sturdy rack, your bikes can land up in pieces and leave a few dents in your car or whatever is left below them.

Bike rack on car roof

Free Standing vs. Wall Mounted

Many cyclists insist on choosing to bolt storage stands to the wall. This offers a secure option because it makes sure your bikes won’t land up on the floor. Poorly built free-standing racks tend to collapse and cause damage to your bike.

On the other hand, if your primary concern is space, a well-designed, free-standing rack is a wonderful solution. Racks that are professionally built won’t fall over and can be moved around your garage or apartment to suit your needs regarding space. This means you have more control over where you display your bikes.

If your lease also prohibits you from drilling holes in the walls, this offers a fantastic way to store

Your bikes without upsetting your landlord. Today more and more freestanding racks are as stable as mounted ones, so you’re guaranteed protection for your bikes.

Freestanding horizontal bike rack

How the Delta Cycle Michelangelo Solves Space Issues

Michelangelo Delta Cycle Loading

It’s a Horizontal Rack

The Delta Cycle Michelangelo saves space because it keeps your bikes as close to the wall as possible. This means you’re not wasting any floor space so you can display your bikes wherever you want. It accommodates two bikes so it’s perfect for couples, small families, or even cyclists who are enthusiastic about their collections.

If you prefer a vertical stand, the rubber arms are easy to adjust so it’s possible to change your rack into a vertical one. Its design ensures the stand will remain steady regardless of how you choose to position the bikes.

It’s Free Standing

The Delta Cycle Michelangelo is free-standing so you can set it up anywhere you like. You can store your bikes in the garage, the living room or even your bedroom if that’s the only space you have available. If you really want to show off your love of cycling, you can even use the stand as a means of display.

Unlike many free-standing racks which fall over and sway, this stand uses the center of gravity to ensure it stays stable. All you have to do is lean it against the wall and you’ll be guaranteed it won’t crash to the floor. Your bikes will be safe no matter where you store them.

Due to the rack being free-standing, it means assembling it only takes a few minutes. Simply put all the pieces together and it’s ready for your bikes.

If you’re still concerned about the rack falling over, it does include a strap that attaches it to the wall and stabilizes it. Although it’s not necessary, this can give you peace of mind without needing any holes or bolts.

Delta Cycle Arm Hooks

More Features

Not only is the Delta Cycle Michelangelo a great space saver, but it has many other interesting features including:

  • Rubber Bumpers: These protect your wall and floors from any abrasion so there’s no damage.
  • Steel Tube Construction: Ensures durability so stands will be able to accommodate bikes without breaking.
  • Silver Powder Coat Finish: Protects the stand from any corrosion while also making it look more attractive.
  • Withstands Heavy Loads: The rack is able to hold a capacity of 80lb which means it’s able to accommodate heavier bikes.
  • Adjustable Straps: Supports a variety of bike shapes and sizes & can even hold bikes with fat tires.
  • Fits Curved Frames: If the frame of your bike is curved, you can move the straps around to fit the design.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Any structural flaws with the design means your warranty applies as long as you comply with the stand’s guidelines.
  • Affordability: Compared to many other freestanding storage racks, this stand is one of the cheapest ones available and will guarantee you value for your money.

What We Like

  • Perfect way of storing bikes in small spaces
  • Can be adjusted to fit all bike shapes & sizes
  • Holds up to 80lb
  • Doesn’t leave any marks on walls or floors
  • Can be transported to different rooms
  • Assembly is quick and easy
  • One of the most affordable bike racks available
  • Uses the force of gravity to remain stable
  • Made from durable materials

What We Don’t Like:

  • Rubber straps wear out when moved around too much
  • Becomes unstable when fitted with more than one heavy bike

A Note on Flaws

The Delta Cycle Michelangelo is definitely one of the best storage racks on the market. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a few minor flaws. The two issues you should look out for are that the rubber straps tend to wear out and the rack loses stability when fitted with two heavy mountain bikes. Although these issues can affect the functionality of your bike storage, they’re rarely a problem. The rubber straps will only wear out if you try to change them too often and the stability is only affected when it comes to the heaviest bikes.


There’s a reason the Delta Cycle Michelangelo is considered one of the best indoor bike racks of 2020. It provides maximum support even when you don’t have much space. Even if you only own a one-bedroom apartment, this rack will keep your bikes out of the way.

Its stylish design also means you can use it to display your bikes if you want to show off your cycling enthusiasm. If you want to move your bikes to another room, the freestanding design allows you to store your bikes wherever you want.

It solves every issue that you might have with space. All you need to do is assemble it and enjoy the results.

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