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Gear Up Oak Rak Floor to Ceiling Storage Rack Review

Gear Up Oak Rak Floor to Ceiling Storage Rack

For any cycling enthusiasts that have wooden floors in their house the Gear Up Oak Rak is an excellent option.  Thanks to its oak look it actually fits in with most home furnishings, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb like some other indoor bike racks. This means you don’t have to hide it in the basement, storage room or garage because of the way that it looks. It uses a floor to ceiling mounting system for storing bikes out of the way and uses a base plate to provide enhanced stability on any type of surface. You don’t need to worry about damage to the ceiling either as the rack comes with compression foam that is placed on each corner of the top plate.

Installing the rack is easy enough, but you will probably need the assistance of at least one other person to set it up correctly. The top and bottom components of the rack can be extended, which allows for a correct fit no matter what your ceiling height is. Make sure that there is a support beam above the rack before installing if you don’t want to damage your ceiling.  The storage arms are also full adjustable and can be set to accommodate virtually any style of bike. For example, with a straight frame bike you can set the hangers straight across from each other while offsetting the hangers allows for hanging a bike with a slanted frame.

Because these storage arms are constructed out of a carbon steel they are sturdy and thanks to their vinyl covering they won’t cause any damage to the paint of bikes either. Another nice feature of the rack is that the feet can be adjusted independently, so even if there is a slope to your floor you will still be able to level out the bike rack.

Out of the box this rack features everything you need to safely store two bikes. However, the rack is also compatible with an add-on kit that is sold separately and allows for the storage of four bikes. This is great if you plan on buying more bikes later and would like to upgrade your rack instead of having to buy a brand new one. In the box you will also find two wheel straps for holding the wheels of your bike in place when mounted on the rack. There are also a wealth of mounting holes along the rack for adjusting the bike hangers that hold the bikes.


  • This rack is designed to hold 2 bikes, but can hold up to 4 with the optional add-on kit
  • It is made from real American red Oak giving it an aesthetically pleasing look
  • Offers excellent stability even when holding 4 bikes
  • Features a capacity of up to 200 lb.

The Good

  • The rack is able to accommodate bikes with different frame types
  • The rack is very stable when installed correctly
  • Compatible with a range of accessories that expands on the functionality of the rack
  • The carbon steel storage arms of the rack are covered in vinyl to prevent scratching
  • The feet of the rack can be adjusted independently of each other
  • The wood finish blends in nicely with any type of decor
  • Includes Velcro straps for stabilizing front wheels of bikes

The Bad

  • It can take more than one person to properly install this bike rack depending on the height of your ceiling

The bottom line is if you plan on installing your bike rack in a living room or other visible space the Gear Up is a great choice because of the way that it blends in.

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Gear Up Oak Rak Floor to Ceiling Storage Rack
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