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Gear Up Steady Rack Foldable Bike Rack Review

Gear Up Steady Rack

The Gear Up Steady Rack bicycle storage system by Gear up is indeed a clever system for getting your bike up and out of the way. The way the bicycle is stored, insures that no damage is done to the tires, spokes or frame. There is no real lifting up of the entire bicycle’s weight to get it off the ground. Only the front end is gently lifted and then wheeled on the back tire to the wall mounted support stand.

The Gear Up Steady Rack storage system was designed for the bicycle enthusiast who needs a way to quickly and easily store up and take down their bike. Gear Up has found a way to do this that will allow you extra room to store other items and still keep your bike in great condition, yet out of the way.

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Product Features

  • With their unique patented swivel design your bike can be moved left or right to create maximum space
  • The wall mounted storage cradle allows easy storage of your bike with one simple motion
  • The way the wall mounted storage cradles are designed only the tires are touching, there is no stress placed on the wheel or spokes
  • The storage cradles are strong and sturdy enough to support up to 75 pounds of weight

There are wall and ceiling mounted racks that can be used for storage as well as display. The swivels with their space saving design allows bikes to be stored closer to the wall for maximum space availability. When not in use the arms of the storage cradles fold flat and lock into place when they aren’t in use so there is no danger of walking into them.

You can get this bike storage system online through Amazon.com

This storage rack is indeed an ingenious system. You get to hang your bike on the wall and pivot it out of the way, yet not do any damage to the wheel or spokes. The only drawback is that the rack may not work if the bicycle has fenders on it, such as a child’s bicycle. The company is supposed to have a version of this storage rack that does work with fenders. Also the racks are only available right now in basic black, though a gray and yellow model may be available soon.

The installation of the wall racks is relatively easy, just be sure to mount it on a wall stud. If your wall studs are 16 inch on center, you may have to mount other racks on every other wall stud to allow enough room. If the wall studs are 24 inch on center than mounting a rack on the next stud should give just enough room between bikes to swivel them. Check the instructions and measure the bike handle bars to be sure.

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Gear Up Steady Rack Foldable Bike Rack
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