Harken Garage Storage Ceiling Hoist

The Bottom Line

If you want to store your cargo box or something else such as a roof tent, then the Harken garage storage ceiling hoist is well worth considering. It is well made, durable, capable of handling heavy loads, and can be operated by one person. Providing you have the space to hoist items above your vehicle you’ll quickly appreciate this contraption as the easiest way to store your cargo box.

The fact that it doesn’t affect your floor space is a bonus. It really is hard to go wrong with the Harken garage ceiling hoist.

harken ceiling hoist

At a Glance

4 Lbs

145 Lbs

Ceiling Height:
12-inches required

4-Point System

The cargo box is a fantastic addition to any vehicle. It doesn’t matter how big your vehicle is. When you have children and pets, you’ll quickly run out of space, especially on the all-important family vacation. This simple contraption clamps to the top of your vehicle and gives you all the space you could need. The design and style of the boxes have come a long way from the first ones made, which were really just roof racks. But, as with anything, they still have a downside. They are usually large structures and you have to find somewhere to keep them. Harken has come up with an ingenious solution to this issue; the Harken garage storage ceiling hoist.

You’ll need a tall enough garage to accommodate your vehicle and the hoist, as well as the cargo box. In short, your garage can be busy without looking like it is!

harken storage ceiling hoist

Advantages of Harken Garage Storage Ceiling Hoist

There are a number of reasons why you should be looking to purchase the Harken garage storage ceiling hoist:

Single Person Operation

This is perhaps the greatest benefit of the Harken garage storage ceiling hoist. There is no doubt that cargo boxes are heavy and bulky. They can be difficult to slide off the roof of your vehicle, while supporting the weight and lowering to the ground, without damaging them. You then have the issue of where to store them.

The hoist offered by Harken needs to be installed on your garage’s ceiling. You then attach the clips to the cargo box and pull on the rope. Thanks to the pulleys and the 4 point system, the cargo box will rise easily and effortlessly from your vehicle.

All you have to do is stop just before it touches the ceiling. The fact that the entire operation can be done by one person is fantastic! It is worth noting that the hoist can also be used to lift kayaks and other loads.

Easy Installation and Use

You’ll also be pleased to note that the Harken garage storage ceiling hoist can be installed in less than an hour, by just yourself. Each 2 x 4 mount takes one rope harness. They are then all threaded through to the pulley and the double braided rope can be positioned on the sidewall of your garage; ready to use.

The instructions that come with this product are extremely detailed. All you need to do is follow them one step at a time and you’ll have your cargo hoist ready to use!

Safety Features

The Harken ceiling hoist lifts the cargo box, or other objects, smoothly and evenly. This is thanks to a patented system that is designed to maintain the weight distribution as you lift. This prevents the box from sliding out of the hoist and onto the roof of your vehicle, or the floor.

But, that’s not the only safety feature worth noting. It also uses self-locking cleats. These are a direct result of Harken’s history in boat accessories. They will operate instantly if the rope is released, preventing the cargo box from crashing back down.

Quality and Durability

The hardware is all stainless steel while the rope is double braided. Again, this is a direct result of the boating connection. But, it does serve to create an extremely strong system that will last for many years.

All the included pieces feel well-made. Harken has a reputation for quality and durability, which certainly seems to apply to this ceiling hoist.

It’s worth noting that the rope is almost ½ inch in diameter. It isn’t going to break easily.

Whats in the box-Harken

The Negatives

Of course, no product is perfect. However, you should be aware of the following before you buy:

Limitations on Relocating

The main issue with this ceiling hoist, and others like it, is that it needs to be bolted into place.

That means that if you’ve chosen the wrong place for your hoist, you’ll have to take it down and start again, which can be frustrating. There is no easy way to move the whole system or add a second hoist or change the position according to which vehicle you’re using.

Height Required

You need a 12” high space for this hoist. This may be an issue for a standard garage. It is essential to verify the height of your vehicle, the height of your cargo box, and the amount of space you’ll have leftover.

If you have a high vehicle you may find that your garage isn’t tall enough to accommodate your vehicle and the hoist with its load.

Distance Info

This is only a negative if you don’t read the instructions properly, but it is worth noting.

If you follow all the instructions you’ll have no issues getting the hoist in position and using it. However, it is very important to pay attention to the chart that shows distances. Getting this right will ensure you can stand next to your vehicle, while effortlessly hoisting or lowering your load. The beauty of this is that there will be minimal wear on the rope and pulley, helping it to last for a long time.

Weight Limit

The general consensus amongst users is to purchase a hoist for a higher weight limit than you need. If you’re constantly operating the hoist near the maximum load capacity you’re increasing the chance of wear and tear.

It’s better to get one capable of carrying extra weight. Again, this is something that can be applied to many hoists, not necessarily a fault with the Harken garage storage ceiling hoist itself. Still worth noting.

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