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Hollywood Racks SR2 Bolt-On Review

The Bottom Line

The Hollywood Racks SR2 Bolt-On spare tire rack is made by a family-owned business that started as long ago as 1973. The first racks they made were trunk-mounted, although they have now expanded to include all types of bike carrying systems. Their aim then was the same as today, to create easy-to-use racks that needed no assembly.

Hollywood Racks SR2 Bolt On

At a Glance

2 Bike – 35lbs each

24.2 lbs

Tire Width:
Up to 12″ wide

Mounting Type:

For many years a spare tire bike rack wasn’t an option for me as I had no spare tire on the back of my vehicle. But having purchased a Wrangler, I suddenly found that, while it has no problem with my kayak trailer, it’s not great for the bike rack I was using.

There are a number of spare tire racks available on the market, but the Hollywood Racks SR2 Bolt-On rack caught my eye for all the right reasons. Let’s take a look at what makes it so good:

Positives About Hollywood Racks SR2 Bolt On


This may not be important to everyone but I like the fact that the Hollywood Racks SR2 Bolt-On looks good.

As the name suggests it bolts through the spare wheel bracket, there is a universal adaptor plate that should fit most lug patterns. It then has two vertical arms and two horizontal ones. These fit discreetly against the side of your spare tire and extend out, ready to support your bikes.

It should be noted that the arms can be folded. Simply twist the knob and the arms will fold down against the spare tire, then tighten the knob to keep them there.

Hollywood Racks SR2 Parts

Ease Of Fitting

The last thing you want to do when you get your new bike rack is spend hours trying to fit it to your vehicle. Hollywood Racks knew this and provides you with an almost fully assembles rack, which should allow you to be able to bolt the additional pieces together in a matter of minutes. The comprehensive instructions will help too.

All you have to do is remove the bolt holding your spare tire in place and slide the adaptor plate into position. You can then re-bolt your wheel into position, the square tube sticking out will accommodate the rest of the rack.

Simply slide the main piece of the rack onto the projecting part of the adaptor plate and tighten with a 9/16 socket. There are two bolts holding it into position.

Hollywood Racks also includes a locking plate that slides over these bolts. One side of the plate is tightened with a hex key, the other is lockable, preventing access to the bolts on your rack.

There is some adjustability in this as the rack must slot in at least 1 ¼ inches, but doesn’t need to go all the way in.

That’s it! You can unfold the arms and lift your bikes into position. Check out this video to help you get the rack fitted so that you can hit the road:


The arms can be folded in and out, allowing you to leave the rack in position even when you’re not carrying bikes. But, you’ll also find that Hollywood Racks have included 3 extension brackets, these ensure your rack can fit tires up to 12”.

Perhaps more impressive is the fact that the support arms are adjustable, allowing you to centralize your bikes even if the spare tire is not central. That means you can use it on virtually any vehicle with a spare tire on the rear.

You’ll also get several sets of cradles, all with easily adjustable rubber straps. This allows you to use the most relevant cradles for your size of bike. Effectively, this rack should be able to carry virtually any bike.

Although you may not need to, it is worth being aware that there are frame adaptors available that will make it easier for you to put your bike on this rack, even if you don’t have a straight top bar.

Hollywood Racks SR2 Bolt On Piece


The first thing to note is that the rack actually has small rubber clamps that sit against the spare tire on your vehicle. This prevents any damage from happening to your car or your tire. Because the rack is projecting away from your spare tire it ensures the bikes are not going to touch your vehicle.

Alongside this, there are rubber cradles that ensure the frame of your bike is well protected. You’ll also find the included strap is useful as it secures the bikes together, preventing the bikes from moving in transit. This eliminates the risk of damage to your bikes.

Protection also covers the security of the bikes and rack when in transit. The lockable cover mentioned previously will ensure that the bike rack stays where it should be, on your vehicle.

At this point, it is worth noting that a cable lock is beneficial to ensure the bikes stay securely locked to your frame, this isn’t included but is a worthwhile additional investment.

It is also worth checking the weight limit of your rear door, it needs to be able to support the weight of the bike rack and up to 70 lbs of bikes.

Hollywood SR2 on spare tire

Concerns About the Hollywood Racks SR2 Bolt On


Hollywood Racks SR2 Bolt-On is not the cheapest rack on the market. However, in context, there are plenty of more expensive racks on offer that doesn’t do the job as well as this one. If you have a spare tire on the back of your vehicle and carry a bike or two regularly, this is a stylish and robust option.

Locking Feature

Considering the price of the SR2 and the fact that a lock is included to secure the rack to your vehicle, it’s disappointing to note that no cable lock is included.

While this isn’t a deal-breaker, it is worth noting. After all, that means an extra expense to secure your bikes to the rack if you don’t get a lock you may find you have a rack and no bikes.

Fastening Bolt

In most cases, you won’t have an issue with bolting this onto your vehicle. However, it doesn’t fit every vehicle and some with exceptionally wide tires will need longer bolts than those supplied.

This is simply a disadvantage as it will require extra effort on your part, frustrating you when you want to get your bike on and get going!

Final Thoughts

Of course, choosing the right rack can be a difficult decision, there are several factors to consider, including the type of vehicle you have, how many bikes you wish to carry, and what else you want to transport regularly.

Hitch mounts are a great option but their limitation is that you can no longer use the hitch for anything else, that’s not an issue when you take the Hollywood Racks SR2 Bolt-On spare tire bike rack. In fact, if you have a spare wheel on the back of your vehicle, this may be the best accessory you’ve ever bought.

The simple truth is that, if you have a spare tire on the rear of your vehicle, you may not be able to use trunk-mounted, or even hitch-mounted racks. The Hollywood Racks SR2 Bolt-On spare tire rack is a viable option that doesn’t just do the job well, it also looks good while doing it. To me, that counts a lot!

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