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KP Cyclery The Bike Hanger 2.0 Review

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that The Bike Hanger 2.0 has an attractive price tag and is innovative, as well as stylish, well built, and well-designed. It’s a great option if you only have one bike to hang and you have the wall space in your home. 

Let’s face it, The Bike Hanger 2.0 looks pretty good, and it’s well built. I’m planning on adding one to my walls soon. After all, a good-looking bike is like art!

KP Celery Bike Wall Hanger

At a Glance

88″x 66″x 44″

4.6 lbs

You don’t have to be serious about cycling to appreciate the value of a good bicycle storage solution. Of course, if you’ve taken the time to choose a premium bike and one of the best bike racks available, you’re going to want to get a bike storage system. That’s what the KP Cyclery The Bike Hanger 2.0 is, and it’s a surprisingly simple but effective one. In fact, this is a great option whether you’re storing your bike in a garage or your home.

But, this bike rack is so much more than just a place to put your bike, this rack can actually be said to be a work of art, you don’t even need a bike to own a Bike Hanger 2.0, it’s that good-looking!

The Bike Hanger 2.0 is made by KP Cyclery, who also make the sidecar bicycle, the company was founded by Kaspar Peek who has always wanted to make innovative solutions, The Bike Hanger 2.0 is a great example of how something can be both useful and beautiful. Although a young company, they are already pushing the boundaries of what is possible and proving that anything is possible.

Let’s Take a Look at The KP Cyclery The Bike Hanger 2.0

One look at The Bike Hanger 2.0 and you’ll see that it’s not like anything else currently on the market. In fact, it looks like a cross between the mounted catch of an expert hunter and a coat hanger.

But, despite the description, it’s not a bad ok, and your bike is your catch!

KP Celery Bike Hook

The Build 

Add your bike to The Bike Hanger 2.0 and you’ll instantly see that it looks good. But, it’s more than just the look. The Bike Hanger 2.0 is well made. It uses premium quality wood to create the shield effect on your wall. This is supported by a metal plate behind, ensuring the wood won’t crack over time. 

The metal bars extending out of the wood consist of a tube that houses a second tube and a bracket that holds the hanging bars. It’s chrome and strong, as well as simple. This means that there is little that can go wrong with The Bike Hanger 2.0, it should last for years on your wall with regular use.

Wooden Shield Design Mounts to the Wall With a Metal Plate

Yes, The Bike Hanger 2.0 is well made, but it’s so much more than that. The design is like a shield, creating the instant illusion that you have a family crest. The curving tubes suggest the antlers of a deer, instantly highlighting the fact that you’ve caught the best prey possible.

Of course, they’re not antlers but the prey is your bike, and it’s not going anywhere. In many ways, it’s caught just as well as if you’d gone hunting. But, you don’t need to be a hunter to appreciate the style and charisma this bike rack can actually bring to your room. It oozes quality, charm, sophistication and is virtually guaranteed to be a talking point. 

Your friends are going to want their own, perhaps it’s time you talked commission?

Protection Built-In

The taped ends are reminiscent of racing bike handlebars but they are also designed to ensure maximum protection for your frame while your bike is hanging around.  The chrome bar is exceptionally strong and will comfortably hold virtually any bike you can offer, without damaging it. 

It is worth noting that the arms are designed to take a straight top bar. If you have a diagonal one, you may need to use a supporting arm. 

Of course, you’re only going to get one bike on this but when your bike is displayed like a work of art why would you want to put a second one up?

Kp Celery hanger with bike

Ease of Installation

There are three screw holes in this bike hanger. They are set in triangular form and the top two are enough to hold The Bike Hanger 2.0 secure. However, the third one, which is set lower down, provides extra support. It should be used in all cases but is especially useful if you have a heavier bike. 

Simply hold the rack against the wall, mark the screw holes and then drill the holes for your raw plugs. You can then screw it in and it’s ready to use. It is worth noting that you’re drilling your walls but, if you decide to move and want to take the rack with you, it’s only three small holes to deal with.

The KP Cyclery The Bike Hanger 2.0 is a Great Overall Solution

In short, this is a stylish solution and a good one. The rack is adjustable, allowing you to change the distance of the bike from the wall. This helps to ensure it can accommodate most bikes and keeps the tires off the wall. While that’s not a concern if your bike is in the garage, it is if you’re keeping it inside and you don’t want to keep redecorating the walls.

That’s one of the really appealing factors of The Bike Hanger 2.0. It looks great, but it also keeps your bike and frame off your walls. Unlike so many internal bike rack offerings, you can bring your bike in and out of the home without ruining your interior design job. 

Perhaps the greatest thing about The Bike Hanger 2.0 is actually how it looks when the bike is not on it. Sure, you may get some questions from visitors, but it doesn’t look ugly or out of place.

Price Tag

The price of the KP Cyclery The Bike Hanger 2.0 is barely 3 figures. It’s likely to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made. In comparison to many of the other offerings currently available you’ll find this is an attractive option, affordable, and infinitely more practical. You’ll certainly never have to worry about someone stealing your bike from the garden shed again!

It’s worth noting that the standard design uses chrome parts but, there is also a limited edition dark knight. This uses metal parts and is completely black, which may be in keeping with your racing bike if it doesn’t have many shiny bits.

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