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Malone J-Dock Hybrid Kayak Storage Rack

How many times have you had a great day on the water only to get home and struggle with the effort it takes to unload and store your kayaks? It can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’ve taken the time to choose the best kayak roof rack for safely transporting your kayaks, you would also want to store them properly so they won’t take up any unnecessary space. This is why the Malone J-Dock Hybrid Kayak Storage Rack is a good consideration.

Malone has been making racks and other accessories for over 20 years. Although based in the US they sell their range of goods across the globe. But, what really sets their racks apart is not just the quality and durability of them, it’s the fact that they are dedicated to producing the best products on the market.  

Let’s take a close look at the Malone J-Dock Hybrid. 

  • Stores 2 Kayaks, a roof box or even a Canoe
  • 12” Cam Buckle Load Straps
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Holds up to 150 pounds
  • Includes Two 30” gear loops
  • Each rack is 16” x 10” x 5”


The Malone J-Dock Hybrid Kayak Storage Rack has several positive attributes:


The main part of the Malone J Dock consists of 2 cradles. These are bolted to your walls and create the perfect support for your kayak. Strong cords hang under the cradles to create two loops that can accommodate a second kayak or your paddleboard.

You can even use it to hold your cargo box, canoe, skis, snowboards, or almost anything else you can think of.

In fact, this rack can be mounted onto an interior or exterior wall. This provides you with the best possible versatility for your sports equipment and space you have available. 

Although each rack is designed to take two kayaks, you may want to purchase a rack for each of your kayaks and add gear in the storage loops below. This is a great way to keep all your kayak gear together.


The racks are made of steel and are powder-coated. This ensures they will not corrode even if you use them outside your home. Even the mounting hardware has been chosen to ensure it is corrosion-resistant, allowing you to easily move the position of the rack in the future.

It should be noted that the powder coating also provides an effective cushion for your kayak, helping to ensure it doesn’t get damaged when you store it.

The racks are strong enough to support your sports accessories without bending. This ensures that they’ll last for many years.

This durability is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. In essence, you’ll be covered for any manufacturing defects for as long as you own the rack. Of course, the warranty doesn’t transfer if you sell the rack.

Ease Of Use

You’ll find everything you need is included with the Malone J Dock, even mounting bolts. In fact, the installation process is surprisingly easy.

Simply hold the rack on the wall where you want it and make sure it is level. Mark the two bolt holes on the wall. Drill holes in your wall and insert raw plugs or bolt a piece of 2 x 4 to the wall.

Once the raw plugs are in place, simply slide the bolts through the rack and tighten. Repeat with the second rack, keeping it level with the first one.

Lift your kayak onto the rack and, if you wish, add the securing strap around it. You should note that the kayak is completely safe in the rack without the strap, that’s one of the reasons the Malone J Dock is so easy to use.


It’s tempting for many manufacturers to bump the cost of a kayak rack up simply because they’ve built themselves a good reputation. Fortunately, Malone hasn’t done this with the J Dock. You’ll be able to purchase this rack for under $75, making it an extremely affordable and attractive option.

Things To Be Aware Of

It is important to be aware of the limitations of this rack before you commit to purchasing it. There aren’t many downsides but you should note the following:

Adding the Second Kayak

The rack is designed to hold two kayaks. However, the second kayak sits under the rack and is supported by the gear loops. These loops are more than capable of holding the weight of your kayak, but, it is not as easy to side your kayak through the loops as it is to lift it onto the rack.

You will also need to be careful that you don’t slide the kayak along the wall as you slip it through the loops, you don’t want to damage it.


You’ll need to consider the weight of your kayak before investing in the Malone J Dock. Depending on exactly where you position the rack, you may have to lift your kayak above head height to get it on the rack. It’s important to be aware of how much your kayak weighs and how much you are comfortable lifting onto the rack.

Wall Depth

For most kayaks, paddleboards, and other sports accessories this will not be an issue. However, it is worth noting that the rack is quite close to the wall if you have a deeper than normal boat you may have difficulty getting it onto the rack. 

In reality, this will affect very few people but it is advisable to check before you buy.



Final Thoughts On The Malone J-Dock

I’ve been using the Malone J Dock for several months now and am extremely pleased with the results. It’s mounted outside and shows no signs of corrosion yet. The adding on the rack is great and works to protect my kayak from damage, while the gear loops hold a second kayak effortlessly.

If you do have it in your garage you can guarantee it will save you storage space. That alone makes it worthwhile.

Considering the low price, the ease of installation, and how efficient this rack is, if you haven’t already got a Malone J Dock then it’s time you considered getting one!


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