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Pro-Series 63124 Eclipse Black 4 Bike Carrier Review

Pro-Series 63124 Eclipse Black 4 Bike Carrier

The Pro Series 63124 is an affordable range offering bike carriers in 2, 3, and 4-bike capacity types. The series features single-arm carriers that are an excellent choice for budget buyers looking for racks with the easiest installation and hassle-free use.

These racks offer many of the features you find on pricier carriers but obviously, they are limited in certain areas. For instance, fat tire bikes are problematic to fit without a lot of tweaking. In addition, the tilting mechanism on these racks is not the smoothest, usually requiring two people to properly operate if bikes are loaded.

That said, these bike racks are hard to beat when it comes to value for money.

In the rest of this post, we’ll be reviewing the Pro Series Eclipse 4-bike rack in detail.

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The Pro Series 63124 Eclipse is a single-arm carrier with 2, 3, and 4-bike carrying capacity. This particular model we’re reviewing is the 4-bike model.

It’s an affordable rack that features a single tilting upright mast that fits a range of bike types, with varying frame designs and sizes. The center mast of this rack is very sturdy and one of the strongest in this category of bike carriers.

The bikes are mounted on rubber-cushioned cradles and fastened in position using hook and loop straps.

It also features a nifty reflector light for added safety on the road, for instance during foggy conditions when visibility is poor.

The next section is a detailed look at the features and setup of the Pro Series Eclipse.

Features & Setup

Pro-Series Eclipse bike carrier comes from the 63124 series and features a host of features. It is a single-arm carrier with a forward-tilting feature to allow for easy unloading of bikes as well as access the trunk.

The Pro-Series Eclipse is a hitch-mounted rack compatible with 2-inch hitches. It carries up to four bikes.

As already hinted on, this rack’s design is pretty simple; it features a single center tower with a horizontal carry arm that has four cradles onto which the bikes are loaded.

The cradles are rubber-cushioned to prevent unwanted scratches to the bike’s frame. They also have hook and loop straps used to hold the bike firmly in place. Their straps accommodate frame tube size of up to 2 ¼ inch.

The entire rack has a black powder coating that prevents corrosion and adds to its durability.

With a single pull of a pin, you can tilt the center mast away from your car if you need to access the trunk. The mast can fold to a 45-degree angle maximum.

For added security, there are six slots in the top plate through which you can loop a locking cable (purchased separately) to secure the bike onto the rack.

Installing the Eclipse is easy; simply fit the shank into the 2-inch hitch receiver, ensuring that the threaded hole on the shank is properly lined up with the pinhole on the receiver.

Once properly aligned, slide in the anti-wobble bolt and thread it tightly to keep the joint firm and strong. Use the supplied clip to tighten the bolt on the opposite end of the receiver.

The rack is now fully installed and ready to load the bikes, which is also straightforward; undo the straps and then rest the bike’s horizontal frame along the V-shaped cradles.

The frame sits on rubber pads that line the inside of the cradle. In addition to protecting the frame from damage, the padding also provides a firm grip to ensure the bikes stay in position when the car hits bumps and twists on the road.


  • The Pro-Series Eclipse features a hassle-free single arm design that’s easy to install.
  • The hitch-pin ensures a firm hitch-shank joint that doesn’t rattle around.
  • The Eclipse has a sturdy design that holds up to 4 bikes without all the complexities of installing additional components.
  • It is very affordable. Priced within the $99-$115 range, this rack is no doubt a dead-bang winner for budget buyers.
  • With a capacity of up to 4 bikes, the Eclipse is definitely a heavy duty rack ideal for casual bikers as well as avid adventurers who often carry multiple bikes at ago.
  • The rack’s tilting feature allows for easy access to the trunk without having to unload your bikes.
  • The rack has a rear reflector light that helps boost road safety.
  • The entire rack is made of heavy-duty steel and some rubber padding for the frame. No plastic parts are included.


  • The rack’s basic single-arm construction is best suited to lighter bikes with smaller frame tube diameters (2 ¼ inch maximum). If you have bigger and heavier mountain bikes, for instance, the Eclipse may not be the best rack in that case.
  • As with all single-arm racks, there’s only one point of attachment with the loaded bikes. With this design, it’s hard to prevent the bikes from swaying back and forth while the car moves.
  • In the same regard as the previous point, it’s hard to prevent the tires from spinning with a single-attachment design.
  • Without additional accessories (locking cable that you have to purchase separately), this rack has no anti-theft features worth mentioning.
    It is somewhat heavy but that should be due to its steel construction.


The Pro-Series 63124 Eclipse is a well made heavy-duty bike rack that offers a great carrying solution with minimal fuss. It’s a single-arm carrier that features an all-metal construction for strength and durability.

The Pro-Series is aimed at budget buyers with heavy-duty transportation needs but no budget for two-rack assemblies.

It has a straightforward installation and the bikes are easy to mount too. For added security, you can purchase a locking cable to deter theft.

On the downside, the Pro-Series Eclipse’s single point of attachment means there will always be some swaying when the car is moving.

Overall though, the Pro-Series Eclipse is a very well constructed rack that is affordable and gets the job done in a less fussy way compared to other heavy duty racks with complicated setups and parts.

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