Racor PBH-1R Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift

PBH-1R Ceiling Bike Lift by Racor Review

I would recommend the Racor PBH-1R Ceiling Bike Lift to those who own a light weight bike like me. This bike lift is best suited for regular bikes, women bike and kid’s bike. The features of this ceiling lift are pretty convenient and handy. It is a great selection for space saving at your home area and garage attic. The features are discussed below:

Easy Pulley Mechanism – The easy to install pulley leverage helps to lift and lower bikes up to 50 pounds. Hence, women and children can easily use this to hoist their bikes with little effort. It can be mounted for ceilings up to 14 feet high.

Frees Floor Space – The lift system helps you free a lot of clutter from floor providing more space for your other requirements. Moreover, the hoist system of storage protects your bike from regular corrosive damage and keeps it in durable condition for longer periods.

Easy Installation – The handy manual provides easy installation within minutes. You just need a screwdriver, a drill (1/8”bit) and a measuring tape. Instructions provided are very clear and the installation even easier.

Sturdy Steel Construction – The metal quality is very strong meant to last for a lifetime. It has special rust free-coating for longer durability.

Robust Rope – The 48 foot long rope is very resilient and the extra length covers ceilings up to 14 feet high.

Secure Locking System – The locks are very sheltered that secures hold every time you pull or lift your bike preventing it from accidental falling. The lift system works very well and can be smoothly operated without hassle.

Design – It is lustrous with an epoxy coated finish.

PBH-1R Ceiling Bike Lift Product Specification

  • The Racor PBH 1R has a dimension of 11.75″ x 5.125″ (HxW)
  • Total weight including shipping mass is 4 lbs.
  • Number of cases is 6.
  • Available only in black color
  • Has a maximum capacity of lifting 50 lbs.

The Box Includes

  • Bolts and fasteners for installing the lift into your roof joists.
  • A 48 foot rope.
  • Two hook pulleys (of which one is attached with a secure lock.)
  • Two lift assemblies
  • Vinyl covered hooks to protect your bike.
  • A rope cleat for storage of extra rope.
  • 10 two-inch wooden screws

Where To Get This Productt

The Racor PBH 1R Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift is available across the following countries of U.S., Canada, Australia and other European countries. It is also available online through Amazon with free shipping charge across selected cities.

About Racor

Racor started out in 1985 with its first storage solution – the SR-2-Ski Rack. It is a leading brand in terms of the widest variety of storage solutions like, bike storage, sport equipments, garden and lawn equipments, and other forms of tools like ladders and totes. Racor has a broad presence in trade outlets across, U.S., Europe, Canada and Australia. It also has a good web presence at secure web based stores.

Buyers Comment On This Product

  • ‘I received two of these bike lifts as gifts. I installed them to replace my old “hooks-in-the-ceiling” method of hanging bicycles over my car. I had to take care to measure the height of the bicycle (adding a few inches for the pulleys) to ensure they cleared the car. I also measured the length of the bicycle to ensure it wouldn’t be in the way of people walking around the car. Finally, I measured between the handlebars and seat so the pulleys were properly spaced. But once that was done, installation was a simple matter of drilling three pilot holes per pulley in a joist and screwing them in.’
  • ‘Although the instructions say to tie a stop knot in the rope and thread it through the pulleys and hooks before installation, it’s easier not to do that until after you’ve installed the pulleys. (I did tie a knot in the rope and run it through the hole before I installed the first pulley, but that that turned out not to be necessary because there’s enough clearance to push the rope through afterwards.’
  • ‘I purchased four of these. All four have frayed ropes, but it did not seem to make them dangerous. The screws, which are very important for anchoring them to the ceiling joists, are worthless because the metal is too soft. I replaced them with deck screws with square head drivers, because the firm connection to the ceiling is vital. Also, one of the four hoists was missing a pully! Apparently some fine worker forgot to install it, making the whole device worthless. Thankfully Amazon.com is replacing this without charge or hassle. Overall I would gladly buy again!’

How it Works

Some Useful Queries And Answers

  • Question: Can I install the bike lift on a slanted ceiling?
    Answer: Yes. Be sure to install the bike lift with the front lift assembly (the piece with the locking mechanism) at the higher point on the ceiling.
  • Question: Can I replace the rope that came with the Bike Lift?
    Answer: Yes, replace with a 5/16 inch braided rope.
  • Question: The area that I want to mount the bike lift does not have a ceiling joist. Can I mount into the drywall?
    Answer: No, it is not recommended to mount to drywall. Secure a board to a 1 foot x 4 foot board to the ceiling joists and then attach the bike lift to the board.


The product has received mixed reviews from its users. The two major drawbacks are the ropes and the wooden screws that come with this package. The ropes are best suited for light-weight bikes. Therefore, if you have a heavy-weight bike it could cause considerable strain on the ropes that may result in tear. While the screws may be replaced with metal ones for longer durability. Hence, if you have a light-weight bike, this is a safe choice without a doubt.

How Much You Need To Pay?

If you are planning to buy the RACOR PBH 1R Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift, then expect to pay around *price. However, you can buy this product online too at Amazon. Do check the site for attractive discounts. Gift wrapping option is also available on Amazon. Check the website for additional information.

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