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RAD Sportz 1003 Kayak Lift Hoist

Whether you have 1 kayak or 10 you need to find the space to store them properly. Not looking after your kayak is one of the easiest ways to damage it and find yourself on dry land, when you’re itching to be on the water. Part of successful kayaking is getting the best kayak roof rack to transport your kayak where it needs to go. But, you also need to consider the space you have available and how you will use it to store your kayak at home. There is no such thing as not enough space, you just need the right rack. The RAD Sportz 1003 kayak lift hoist could be just the right option for your needs.

Who Are RAD?

RAD actually stands for Ride All Day, the company started creating cycling products, developing a good reputation in the process. They have since diverged into the kayak market, under the brand name RAD Sportz and have an array of kayak storage racks, as well as the kayak hoist which has been copied by many other manufacturers.

In short, they are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and their reputation confirms this. 


The RAD Sportz 1003 kayak lift hoist is a great bit of kit. Its main features are:

Main Features:
  • Can hold kayaks up to 125 pounds
  • Fits ceilings up to 12ft high
  • Rubber coated hooks
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Weighs 6.9 pounds
  • Nylon webbed straps


The RAD Sportz 1003 Kayak Lift Hoist is actually a great way to store your kayak, there are a number of positive attributes worth noting:

Easy Installation

This kayak rack actually mounts to the ceiling of your garage or storage area. This may seem daunting but installation is surprisingly easy.

You can choose to mount the hooks to a piece of 2×4 and mount this to your ceiling, or you can screw it directly to your joists.

The important thing is to make sure you hang the supporting anchors far enough away from the wall to give your kayak enough room.

Then simply screw the hoist brackets in where you want them and run the rope through them and around the pulley wheels. At the end of each rope’s section is the hooks that will support your kayak.

That’s it!

It is important to be aware that the hoist arrives in pieces, this may look daunting but it is surprisingly easy to put it all together and mount in your chosen spot. The comprehensive instruction booklet that comes with it certainly helps.

Single Person Use

Once the hoist is in position you’ll find it incredibly easy to store your kayak and you won’t need any help lifting it. Simply lay the straps on the floor and rest your kayak on top of them. You can also do this with the kayak in your truck or on the roof of your car. The straps loop around the kayak and then go over the hooks on the hoist. They clip together with a standard buckle and can be adjusted to get the right tension.

That’s it! Simply pull the rope and the boat will rise up evenly towards your ceiling, keeping it out of your way until you need it again.


The hooks are rubber coated and the straps are nylon mesh. These ensure that you won’t damage your kayak as you put it in, or take it out, of your storage position.

It should be noted that these hooks have been reinforced to ensure they don’t break under the weight of your kayak. In fact, this is one of the things that many other manufacturers try to copy!

Alongside this, the hoist has a built-in locking mechanism that is designed to stop the rope from sliding. This means you can easily pull the kayak up but it won’t come down without you releasing the rope.

Lifetime Warranty

The RAD Sports 1003 comes with a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee. That should be enough to show you the confidence RAD has in its products. For as long as you own the hoist you can claim on the warranty if needed.



Of course, there are a few things that you need to consider before committing to this kayak hoist:

Height of Kayak

It has been noted by several customers that the kayak will hang approximately 18” from the ceiling. If your ceiling is 12 ft tall then this shouldn’t be an issue. However, if your ceiling is less than see, perhaps 8ft, you may find that the kayak is actually in the way and restricts the space to park your vehicle.

The Buckles

Although the hooks have been reinforced to ensure your kayak is safe, the buckles have not. Several customers have spotted an issue with the buckles. In some cases, they have actually broken and allowed the kayak to crash to the ground, which is not quite the solution you wanted.

It’s worth monitoring the buckles and perhaps knotting the straps, just in case the buckles do fail.


The RAD Sportz 1003 arrives with all the pieces that you need to put it together and start using it. However, the screws that are supplied to attach it to the ceiling are not great quality. You’re likely to strip the heads, especially if you’re using a power driver.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to pick up replacement screws from your local store before you start the mounting operation.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I haven’t had any issues with the RAD Sportz 1003 kayak hoist. In fact, I find it very easy to use as I lift directly on and off the roof of my vehicle, making the entire process very simple.

This storage solution is surprisingly affordable and should give you years of faithful service, it’s definitely worth considering. The fact that it lifts your boat up and out of the way means you retain all the storage space in your garage/shed.


Nathan Chilcott

Nathan Chilcott

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