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RockyMounts TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Rack Review

RockyMounts TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Rack

The TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier from RockyMount is among their best releases to date. It supports both wheels on your bike as well as the crossbars and is ideal for all sorts of bikes. Whether you own a cruiser, a road bike, a mountain bike, or even a kid’s bike; the TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier will ensure that it’s strapped firmly in place for the ride.

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One of the best features on the TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier is its no bike frame contact. All you’re required to do is strap the front wheel in using the ratchet hook provided then secure both wheels using the wheel straps. This rack also supports fat bikes as mentioned earlier, that measure up to five inches. In case you’re not sure if your bike is firmly strapped in, you can use the extra wheel strap extension that comes with this rack to add to its inflexibility.

The TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier also has a flexible swingarm that can be easily adjusted when installing the rack on the driver and passenger sides. It can also be used on all types of crossbars and can hold bikes ranging from 20 to 29 inches in length. However, the TomaHawk foes not support bikes with front fenders. The easy-to-load wheel straps that come with this rack make it a great acquisition as well as the two-pack locks, which are sold separately.

However, the locks come in handy in anchoring the bike to the rack and the rack to the car. The other standout feature regarding the TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier is RockyMount sells this rack with a lifetime warranty. As such, your bike will receive maintenance services until your body decides it’s time to stop riding. This rack is also considered a class leader highly efficient, plus it’s not expensive.


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This carrier also supports all crossbar designs from aero to square, round, and factory just to mention a few. The TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier appeals to most cyclists because it removes the hassle involving mounting your bike on your car’s roof. Most carriers require you to remove the front wheel, which can inconvenience your travel plans especially if there isn’t enough space left in the car.

Not to mention, you can forget it somewhere and lose it all together. However, the TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier allows you to mount the bike with both wheels intact. It comes with sturdy straps that help in fastening the wheels onto the rack and a hook that supports both the bike’s handle and front tyre. The strap length varies so all types of wheels can be accommodated by the TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier.

Most carriers on the market and in the past had short wheel straps which made it hard to mount bikes with fat tires, but the TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier has two additional straps to ensure all bikes are firmly attached with no hassle. RockyMount put a lot of emphasis on sturdiness, as such, this bike carrier has minimal movement after loading. Not to mention, your bike’s down tube will not be squeezed, and the crankarm will be free.


Getting your bike off the carrier is even more comfortable than loading it. It comes with a release button, which for full disclosure requires a little bit of effort to release the tires especially if they are squashed down. However, this feature can be considered as an advantage seeing it means your bike won’t fall off the rack easily even when you make a sharp turn or a sudden stop.

Aside from the effort required to offload the bike, it is also worth noting that the rack rattles when it’s not being used. However, you can only hear the sounds when you roll down your windows. Still, this issue does not present much of a problem considering the TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier can be mounted away from the driver’s seat ensuring full concentration on the road.

Lastly, this rack might not have the same streamlined design as the Thule 598 Criterium Upright Rooftop Bicycle Carrier as seen here, but it’s less expensive and unlike the latter, can accommodate fat bikes.

A Stable Rack

Stability has been a significant concern for most cyclists to fear their bikes might fall off especially after they go off-road into rocky paths. However, the TomaHawk comes with a cover plate, two swing arm collars, a wheel chock, two front brackets for crossbar mounting, and a tray plate with bolts. The brackets also have bolts and spacers to ensure that they are firmly attached to the crossbar.

Ensure that you tighten all bolts as some may be lost when unboxing especially on the swing arms and the plate. A swing arm, ratcheting hooks, and straps are all you need to ensure your bike is ready to handle whatever terrain your car goes through. Other forces of nature such as crosswinds might make stability a little challenging, but even then the TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier stays steadfastly in place.

Bike rack manufacturers are now testing their products with high crosswinds and other forces of nature to ensure all trips are successful seeing stability will be improved. However, if the wind is too much, you can always pull your car over for a while as it settles before continuing with your journey.


Not all bike racks are designed to battle weather conditions the way the TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier. Only this rack and a few others are made of aluminum. Aluminium is both light and corrosion resistant. Not to mention, the rack is also coated with black powder which provides the finish enabling the rack’s frame to endure the test of time.


The TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier is available on the RockyMount website and the company even offers free delivery for those living near or in Boulder. This rack provides convenience seeing how easy it is to mount and unmount and for its price and quality, the TomaHawk Upright Mount Bike Carrier is a bargain. It is also versatile, a quality many cyclists have been searching for, and durable.

Here’s a video of how you should expect the TomaHawk to look after delivery and how to install and offload it from your car:

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