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Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack Review

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a kayak rack that is easy to install, sturdy and durable, then the Suspenz EZ kayak rack is your answer! The design is extremely flexible, you can choose where and how high you want to mount it, allowing you to create the perfect spot for your kayaks. It can also make the transfer process, from rack to car, as smooth and easy as possible.

Although there are many other kayak rack options available, the Suspenz kayak rack should definitely be high on your list of possibilities. I know I’m happy with mine!

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At a Glance

Sup, Canoe, Kayak

125 Lbs

Straps Included:

21″ x 21″

Owning a kayak means purchasing an array of accessories to accompany it. This can include a simple kayak carrying system, the best kayak trailer, and a means of storing your kayak when it’s not in use. Of course, when it comes to kayak storage there are many different options, but the Suspenz EZ kayak rack is one option well worth considering. You will need a solid wall to bolt this rack to.

Suspenz has been offering kayak storage and transport options for over a decade and is dedicated to providing high-quality storage racks that provide easy access and safe storage, regardless of how many kayaks you have and what space you have available.

The Features

It’s easy to tell that the Suspenz EZ kayak rack is one of the best options available by the features it incorporates:

  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Available in black or yellow, (black is marine grade)
  • Thick foam pads to protect your boat
  • Bracket height 21”, extends 21” from the wall
  • Movable between locations with a quick-release bracket
  • Comprehensive spacing guide online, ensuring you position the brackets properly according to the size of your kayak


There are numerous positives to purchasing and using the Supenz EZ kayak rack:

Ease of Installation

It’s always useful to consult a video before you start installing your kayak rack. However, once you’ve watched the video you’ll realize just how easy t is to install this kayak rack. To bolt the mount to the wall, you will need two screws for each mount.

The main complication is ensuring that the two mounts are the right distance apart for your kayak and that they are level, but this takes just a few minutes.

Securing the kayak to the rack is easily done by using straps that are clipped together through a buckle.

You can also mount these brackets to a free-standing frame. Suspenz sells this separately. This is a good idea if you think you’ll need to store the kayak in different locations, the free-standing frames can be moved with you or you can just take the brackets.

Strength and Durability

The frame is steel and powder coated. This means it’s strong enough to support a kayak up to 125 pounds. Alongside this, the straps are made from 600D nylon, that’s strong enough to secure your kayak in place and give you the confidence that it will firmly stay where you left it.

Also, you’ll note that this storage rack can be used both inside and outside. The black version is actually marine-grade steel with a galvanized coating and stainless steel hardware. In short, saltwater is not going to affect it.


The nylon straps are soft enough that they won’t damage your kayak. The arms are covered in foam pads, ensuring that the kayak is well supported and won’t be damaged while being stored.

The mount is also designed to store your kayak on its side, which is the strongest part of its shell. This will help to ensure it doesn’t become warped or damaged; even if you leave it stored for an extended period of time.

Indoor or Outdoor

As mentioned, the marine-grade option allows you to use this outside in a saltwater environment while the standard option will work fine outside in any other environment. This means that the Suspenz EZ kayak rack is a great option even if you don’t have much storage space; easily mounted to the side of your house or garage.

It is worth making sure that you store your kayaks properly.

suspenz ez outdoor


Suspenz may be a relatively young business but it has already established a reputation for creating high-quality products, ensuring that your kayak will be stored safely and properly while also offering durability and years of use. This definitely makes it worth the small investment!


This is not the cheapest kayak storage rack on the market, but it is also not the most expensive. However, considering the strength of the product, the durability, and the convenience it offers you will be making a good investment.

This is one rack that should give you years of hassle-free service.


Of course, very few products are perfect, there are a few issues that you should be aware of:

Size Restriction

This kayak rack will support most kayaks. However, if you have a particularly big kayak or one that is deep you may experience issues. For example, a 12-foot pedal kayak weighing 84 pounds can be too deep for the Suspenz rack.

It’s worth checking before you purchase.


In some cases, there have been issues with the screws on the standard version of this rack. They can break as you are installing the rack, especially if you over-tighten them.

This doesn’t detract from the value of the rack but you may wish to consider purchasing different screws before you mount the rack.

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