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Swagman XTC2 Review

The Bottom Line

The Swagman XTC2 has all the advantages of being a hitch mount rack. It keeps the bikes away from the vehicle so neither of them gets damaged. While doing this the bikes remain secure so they won’t wobble or become detached from the mount.

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Choosing the right bike rack can be a difficult decision. The market is flooded with a variety of options all claiming that they’re better. That’s why it’s always best to sit back and consider what you’re looking for in a bike rack.

While you’re doing that, why not consider the Swagman XTC2? It has all the qualities you’re looking for in terms of durability, functionality & affordability.

Still not sure? Hopefully, these tips on what to consider before buying a bike rack will help you out. Maybe they’ll even reveal why the Swagman XTC2 really is THE excellent choice on today’s market.

What to Consider Before Buying A Bike Rack

Buying the correct bike rack is important if you’re serious about cycling. Picking the wrong one can result in damage to your bike & even your car, or even lead to road accidents. This is why there are a few topics you should consider before committing to your mount.

Type of Bike Rack

There are a few different types of bike racks and the one you should choose depends on what benefits you’re looking for, as well as what car you own. Here are the different types to consider. Depending on your car, habits, and preferences, one of these will seem a more practical solution for you.

Hitch Mount

This rack is a fantastic means of keeping your bikes away from your car in order to minimize damage to them and to your vehicle. They’re very easy to use but they do require a hitch in order to install them.

Trunk Mount

If you’re looking for affordability & effectiveness, it’s useful to consider a trunk mount. These are easy to attach to your car but can scratch paintwork if they’re not installed correctly.

Roof Mount

This rack is one of the most popular ones because it leaves the hatch of the car free. It does add extra height to the vehicle which can make it less stable and make bikes more difficult to transport.


The design of your bike rack is important and can range from what materials are used, whether it has a strong structure & whether it will last you for a long time. Often decent mounts that excel in quality can be quite expensive but it’s worth it because cheaper ones have a tendency to break or damage your bike.

It’s better to go for a pricier mount because this will ensure your bike and your car are protected. Look whether it’s made from a sturdy material and also consider the maximum weight it can handle. If you choose a superb design you won’t need to replace your rack in the future so you’ll actually be saving money.

Number of Bikes

Many people will only need to transport one bike, but families, couples, and friends can benefit from racks that can support more than one. When considering a mount, you need to think about what your purposes are going to be when transporting your bicycles.

Gas can also be expensive so its beneficial to carpool when traveling long distances. Even if you don’t use more than one rack now, consider buying a rack that can accommodate more in the future when needed.

Swagman XTC2

Why You Should Consider the Swagman XTC2

Spectacular Hitch Mount

The Swagman XTC2 has all the advantages of being a hitch mount rack. It keeps the bikes away from the vehicle so neither of them gets damaged. While doing this the bikes remain secure so they won’t wobble or become detached from the mount.

It’s particularly unique because it doesn’t use a normal vertical system to mount bikes. Instead, it incorporates hoops that secure the wheels with rubber straps, which guarantees more stability.

At the same time, the rack gives you access to the hatch even while the bikes are in place. Once you’re done using it, it folds away so your bike rack is safe even when your car is left in a busy parking lot.

On top of all this, installation is easy. It only takes a few minutes to attach it to your car and when you’re done it’s really easy to remove.

Overall, it’s an optimal system that protects your bikes and keeps them secure. Even if you’re still worried your car might get damaged, there are a few tips you can implement to prevent any scratches.

Functional Design

The Swagman XTC2 is built from a sturdy steel design so it won’t break after extensive usage. Its strong build means it can carry bikes that weigh up to 35lb. Despite the grit of the build, rubber straps & soft coating ensure your bike won’t get damaged during transit.

You can even take your bike out in any weather. The rack is powder coated in a premium finish which means it prevents corrosion while still making the mount look stylish. Even if you’re driving through a storm, the Swagman XTC2 will maintain its fantastic quality.

If your bike rack does show a design flaw, Swagman promises you can claim on a lifetime warranty. The design is so incredible you will be able to use this product for a long time. It will be a faithful tool on any trail.

Even though it’s high quality, it’s still really affordable. For an impressive price, you can be ensured of secure transportation without any concern about your bikes crashing to the road.

Swagman XTC2

An Option for Two

Considering how many bikes you want to transport is an important step in choosing your bike rack. The Swagman XTC2 is a wonderful option because it offers the option to carry two bikes. If you only want to go out on your own, this mount is adjustable so you can mount one bike without impacting the quality of the bike rack.

It doesn’t matter how big your bikes are. The rubber straps can be resized to accommodate a wide range of tires. This allows you to transport any bike no matter what your purpose is.

Traveling with a friend is beneficial. It increases your safety if you’re riding in an area where there are not many facilities of safety features. Riding your bike with your partner is also an exciting bonding exercise. It’s truly a spectacular way to explore the world around you and share your passion with your loved one. Your bike rack makes logistics easy for riding together.

It’s clear the Swagman XTC2 covers all of the bases when riding as a couple or group. The hitch mount ensures stability and the design is built to withstand damage.

What We Like

  • Hitch mount ensures stability
  • Allows for easy access to the hatch
  • Rubber straps secure bikes so they won’t fall off
  • More affordable than many bike racks on the market
  • Easy installation
  • Can carry one or two bikes
  • Durable design means it will withstand wear
  • Fits a variety of wheel sizes
  • Can carry bikes that weight up to 35lbs

What We Don’t Like

  • Might not withstand the tension of driving over rough terrains
  • Difficulty is experienced when releasing the hold mechanism
  • Locking hitch pin, security cable and fat bike tire trays are not included


Q: Does it support all hitch sizes?

A: This bike rack can be adjusted to fit both 1-1/4” &2” hitch receivers which are the most common sizes available. This means it’s unlikely this product won’t be able to be attached to your car.

Q: What’s the maximum wheel width it can support?

A: The Swagman XTC2 is built to accommodate a wheel width from 20” to 29”. Unfortunately, it can’t fit fat bike tires, but you can buy trays which allow you to transport bikes with these wheels.

Q: Can you install it onto your trailer or fifth wheel?

A: It’s recommended not to do this, as the weight of the bike rack may be too heavy for your mount. This could result in damage to your vehicle or your bikes and can also put you in a dangerous situation while driving.


Every great adventure starts with the right tools. A stellar bicycle might give you fantastic performance, but if you can’t transport it safely what’s the point of paying all that money?

That’s why the Swagman XTC2 should be at the top of your list when it comes to choosing a bike rack. It’s durable, protects your vehicles and can even carry up to two bicycles. You don’t even have to worry about money because it’s one of the most affordable bike racks available.

Haven’t you always dreamed about that romantic cycling trip or an adventure with a friend? Spending a day in the mountains with someone you care about is now possible and a safe option.

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