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Thule Bed Rider XTR Review

The Bottom Line

The Thule Bed Rider XTR is a highly adaptable truck bed rack that is simple to use and easy to install. Use the soft-grip rubber feet to secure the rack on the side rails without drilling and be sure to lock your bikes to the fork mount. If you need to secure more than two bikes you can always use a Thule locking-bed rider add-on to accommodate as many bikes as you want.

At a Glance

8 lbs

2 bikes


53.3″x 7.8″x 2.8″

Cycling has become one of those outdoor activities that everyone has come to love, not only professional sportsmen. It’s an excellent way to stay in shape without spending money on a gym membership.

Although this outdoor activity allows you to cycle in and around your neighborhood, it can be dangerous sometimes. The cars on the road can be dangerous if drivers don’t take the time to keep an eye out for cyclists. And simply driving up and down your driveway isn’t any fun or challenging enough, right?

You want a more demanding trail with a steep gradient or even somewhere with a beautiful scene. How do you travel to a new place with your bicycle without having to peddle all the way there? How about using a Thule Bed Rider XTR? It’s an excellent way to transport your bicycle anywhere.

Benefits for Using the Thule Bed Rider XTR

The Thule Bed Rider XTR gives you the opportunity to travel with your bike safely. This means you can go on road trips and cycle through trails you’ve always wanted to visit.

How Safe Is It?

The Bed-Rider XTR from Thule is designed to make your life safer in more ways than one. Firstly, you get to ride in a safe environment. You can travel along trails that are a lot quieter with no cars or hazardous obstructions in your way.

Secondly, the bike carrier is designed to keep your bike from sliding up and down your truck when you’re driving. It’s a safe and secure way to travel with your bicycle at long distances so nothing distracts you during the journey.

It Prevents Damage

Of course, you’re concerned about your safety, but also about your bike’s condition.

The Thule Bed Rider XTR is designed to keep your bicycle in place at all times so it can’t scratch or dent your vehicle. Having this product installed prevents damage to your bike and damage to your truck.

Is it Easy to Install?

Anyone can install the Thule Bed Rider XTR into the back of the truck. There are just a few steps you need to take before you do this:

  1. Measure the back of your track
  2. Adjust the Thule Bed Rider XTR according to those measurements.
  3. Slide the Bed-Rider over the sides of your truck.
  4. Turn the device anti-clockwise until it fits tightly over the sides of the truck.
  5. Use the locking key to secure the Bed-Rider in place.

Important Notes to Consider

Thule doesn’t recommend you use this product for trucks that have bed rail caps, but it’s up to you. Try it and see if it works.

How to Fit Your Bike into Place

If you’d like to see how to clip in your bike securely you can take a look at this video. The instruction manual is also extremely self-explanatory so you won’t have any hassles installing and securing your bike.

How Many Bikes Can You Secure?

The Thule Bed Rider XTR has two bike holders integrated into the design; however, you can install an additional bike holder. Purchase it separately and have it ready for in case you’re traveling with more cyclists.

How Secure is it?

The most important thing to consider when you have equipment on an open truck is how secure the product is. It must never slide around and it must never be loose. The Thule Bed Rider XTR is lockable and with its slip-resistant holders, your bike will be held tightly in place during the entire journey.

Why it’s Convenient


Of course, the whole reason for the Thule Bed Rider XTR is its portability. The Bed Rider is easy to latch into place on your truck and it’s also easy to remove. It’s a fully portable unit.


The function of the Thule Bed Rider XTR is so you can transport your bicycle safely and securely. These features make it even more practical:

  • It’s completely adjustable
  • Allows you to transport more than two bikes
  • It has a secure locking mechanism
  • Works with most small and large trucks


It’s difficult to travel with a large piece of equipment especially if you run the risk of it falling out of your truck while you travel. The Thule Bed Rider XTR helps make your trip easy and hassle-free. You won’t have to worry about your bike slipping and sliding or potentially falling out.

Here are a few other features this product has to make your life easier:

  • Quick adjustments
  • Fast locking mechanisms
  • Rapid release mechanisms for your bike
  • Easy to assemble
  • User-friendly
  • Secures bikes of all shapes and sizes

What are the Features?

The Thule Bed Rider XTR is made with only the best materials on the market that will ensure nothing on your truck or your bike gets damaged.

Thule Bed Rider XTR bike mounts

What is it Made Of?

The telescoping bar is made from aluminum which ensures durability and strength. It’s also weather-resistant as the aluminum won’t rust when exposed to rain.

The Thule Bed Rider XTR has integrated non-slip rubber feet that clip onto the sides of your truck. The rubber feet make it easy to install as you don’t need to drill holes into your truck to secure it into place. You can also remove the product easily when needed.

What makes it Unique?

The Thule bike carrier is adjustable to any size truck. The carrier has quick press-in clip mechanisms that allow you to slide the bar to the length of your truck easily. It locks this adjustment in place and will keep it throughout the journey.

The Locking Mechanisms

The Thule carrier comes with a three in one key device for:

  • Locking the bar in place securely when installing
  • The same key locks the front forks of your bike for added security
  • It locks the bar in place once you’ve adjusted it to the measurement you want

Carry More than One Bike

As mentioned before this carrier allows you to transport more than one bike at a time. The Thule XTR comes with two bike holders but you can install an additional holder onto the bar. The extra holder is easy to clip into place. Simply read the instruction manual for assistance.

Adjustments and Fixtures

The Thule bike carrier doesn’t require any screws or drill holes to be made for installation. This helps if you don’t want to damage your truck by making holes. All you have to do is place the rubber feet onto the sides of your truck and turn them until the bar is securely locked into place.

This feature is helpful as other mechanisms don’t allow you to adjust to the exact measurements of your truck. In situations where the measurements aren’t exact, turning the bar will adjust the carrier to the exact length you need.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Every product has pros and cons. You should always weigh in on both sides before purchasing a product; however, the pros are more likely to outweigh any negatives in this case.

What We Like:

  • Easily adjustable
  • Carries more than one bike at a time
  • Durable material
  • Clamps don’t require extensive installation
  • Sturdy design
  • Secures any bike model in place
  • Completely portable
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Light in weight
  • Can be used on any model truck
  • Fast clipping mechanisms
  • Bikes are easily locked into place and easy to remove
  • Added security when driving

What We Don’t Like:

  • You have to remove the front wheel of the bike to clip it into place.
  • Not recommended for trucks with bed rail caps.

Although it’s not recommended that this product is used on trucks with bed rail caps, you can still use it on your truck if it has this feature. The only reason it’s not recommended is that it might damage the sides of the truck; however, many consumers use it without any damage to their vehicles.


Now that you know all about this product, you can see for yourself how much it can benefit your outdoor activities.

Going on bike tours in different parts of the country has never been this easy; Now you can transport more than two bikes at a time, allowing friends and family to join in.

Go on those cycling adventures you’ve always wanted to experience with the new Thule Bed Rider XTR. Add that simplicity to your life you’ve been looking for.

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