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Thule Parkway 4 Review

The Bottom Line

Have you ever tried to plan a holiday and take your bicycles along with you? Planning any trip with bikes is always a hassle. Bikes are bulky and awkward to transport. They don’t fit in the trunk unless you own a truck. Often, bike racks scratch your car or damage your bike. Even just the weight of the bikes themselves can cause damage.

With the Thule Parkway Hitch Mount Rack, all of these problems are solved. It has all the advantages of being a hitch-mount rack, with many added features that make it a favorite for bike transportation.

Thule Parkway 4

At a Glance

32.5 Lbs

35 lbs per bike

Receiver Size:
2 inch Class IV

41″x 16″x10″

Hitch Mount Racks vs. Other Bike Racks

Various types of bike racks exist, each with its own pros and cons, from truck mounts to roof mounts. However, when it comes to hitch-mounts, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. So why should you buy a hitch mount?


  • You don’t need to own a truck to transport your bikes easily.
  • Unlike roof mount bike racks, hitch mounts are easy to remove. This means it doesn’t need to become a permanent feature of your car. You only need to install it when transporting your bikes.
  • Hitch mounts also don’t add extra height to your car when the bikes are in place. This eliminates the fear of driving under low bridges or pulling into garages before the bikes are removed.
  • Hitch mounts keep the bikes away from the car. The benefit is that the bikes can’t be damaged nor can they damage your car’s paint job.


  • The only real con of a hitch mount is that you need a hitch on your car in order to install it. However, installing a hitch is easy and saves time later on.
  • Hitch mounts do extend the length of the car, which may cause sway. This can easily be resolved by purchasing a decent hitch mount (such as the Thule Parkway Hitch Mount Rack). A sturdy hitch mount eliminates sway and holds the bikes steadfast.
Thule Parkway 4

Benefits of Buying this Product

It’s clear that a hitch mount bike rack is worthwhile. The real question is: What makes the Thule Parkway 4 a great product?


The Thule Parkway 4 boasts long-lasting steel construction. This means that not only will it resist breakage, but it is sturdy as well. Sway will not be a problem. Neither will noise. This rack keeps a firm hold on the bikes.


Many bike racks on the market can often cost more than they’re worth. The Thule Parkway Hitch Mount, on the other hand, delivers a remarkable product at low cost. This means there’s no need to deplete funds just to make sure your bikes are secure on your next road trip.


This bike rack is incredibly easy to install. All you need is a hitch and a wrench. Furthermore, this rack is just as easy to remove. Within a few minutes, your car can transform from being bike-ready, to ready for everyday use.

Number of Bikes

The Thule Parkway 4 – 2″ can carry up to four bikes whereas other bike racks often only hold up to three bicycles. An added bonus is that this is done without adding too much extra weight to the car. Less weight means less likelihood of damage.

If you don’t need to transport as many as four bikes, then Thule also has a two bike option to suit your needs.

Tilt Down Feature

One of the best advantages of the Thule Parkway Hitch Mount is that it has a tilt-down feature. This means the mount can be released in order to get to the hatch or trunk of your car. Access to the car is no longer barricaded just because the rack is installed.

Although it can’t be tilted while the bikes are attached, this feature still adds convenience when transporting your bikes. It becomes very useful when you reach your destination and need to get your things out of the trunk.

Thule Parkway 4

Other Key Features

The Thule Parkway Hitch Mount has an abundance of benefits. Every aspect of the rack works together for ease and endurance. If you’re not convinced, check out the following features:

Maximum Weight Capacity:

This rack can carry bikes up to 35lb, which means it’s suitable for heavier bikes. As a whole, this product can carry up to 140lb.

Soft Rubber Cradles:

The soft rubber design not only keeps the bikes secure but protects them from any scratches or damage.

Thule Parkway Bike Cradle

Snug-Tite Receiver Lock:

This item can be bought separately to further prevent the rack from swaying, as it holds the rack in place.

Bike Lock:

A Thule Cable Lock 538XT is available for purchase, which further secures the bikes to the rack.


This product is decorated with a powder paint finish, which gives the product a sleek, elegant finish. At the same time, the paint gives the product a protective layer, to prevent any harm from the natural elements. This way, your bike rack always remains appealing.

Disadvantages of the Thule Parkway

Although this product is one of the best on the market, it does have a few setbacks:

  • Unfortunately, tools are needed to install the product.
  • The bike lock and receiver lock are sold separately. Although, they’re inexpensive and do help to make bike transportation more secure.
  • The bikes must be removed before the hitch mount can be tilted.
  • Only fits Class IV 2” Receivers. However, versions compatible with 1.25” Receivers are available as well. This means it doesn’t always accommodate all bike sizes. Some people have had issues with fitting four large bikes at the same time. For this reason, this bike rack is especially recommended for racing bikes, rather than larger models.


Transporting bikes has never been easier than with the Thule Parkway 4. It’s everything a bike-lover needs, from durability to affordability. A road trip with a group of friends will never be aggravating again.

It makes you wonder, why don’t you own one yet?

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