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Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount Rooftop Bike Rack Review

Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount Rooftop Bike Rack

If you’re like most avid bikers, chances are you’ve tried to fit a bike into your car’s trunk at some point. It’s frustrating to say the least, not to mention it can damage your bike. Luckily, bike racks offer a seamless way to transport your bike. Rooftop mounted racks offer a unique advantage over trunk racks in that they do not obstruct the driver’s rear view. They also offer the best stability, particularly fork-mounted rooftop racks.

The Yakima ForkLift fork mount rooftop bike rack uses a secure clamping system to provide a safe and reliable way to carry your bike on any road.

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Transporting your bike has never been easier with the Yakima Forklift fork mount bike rack. It’s one of the best roof racks you can invest in. The Yakima ForkLift fits with any type of cross bar no matter the shape. It safely carries most types of bikes with ease. It weighs just 40lbs and uses the hassle-free quick release fork to clamp the bike firmly onto the crossbar. The bike’s frame does not touch the rack so there’s no chance for scratches.

For a full review of the Yakima ForkLift fork mount rooftop rack, read on.

Features & Setup

The Yakima ForkLift Fork Mount Rooftop Bike rack is a sleek bike carrier that’s lightweight and features a sturdy design for durability. Weighing 85 lbs with a length of 53 ½ inches, the Forklift’s steel construction and ergonomic build allows it to carry a range of bike types and designs with ease using its versatile clamping system.

The ForkLift Fork Mount clamps round, square, and factory crossbars right out of the box. To achieve this compatibility, the rack is designed with an adjustable fork block and rear mount. Each mount’s claw disengages and repositions in one of the 3 grooves, allowing for a snug fit with a crossbar of any size and shape.

The Yakima Forklift features a lockable skewer that offers a secure mounting point for the bike. The skewer is fitted with an adjustment knob (visible when skewer end is open) that tightens or loosens the grip on the bike’s fork. The sliding wheel tray allows for the hind wheel to be adjusted to the most optimal position depending on size, thus adding to the rack’s versatility. It comes with a ratcheting strap that holds the wheel firmly in position. Most bike types will fit on this rack including those with disc brakes.

Installing the rack basically requires no tools. T-bolts and adjustment knobs are used to secure the rack across your crossbars. Crossbars with a spread of less than 16-inches can fit only one Forklift rack on this carrier at a time but you can certainly mount two racks on your crossbars provided they have a spread greater than 16 inches. You can mount more than two Forklift carriers on crossbars with a spread of 18 inches and over.


  • The Yakima Forklift rooftop rack provides ultimate stability, thanks to its reliable clamping mechanism. It employs crossbar clamps to secure the bike’s quick release front-wheel fork, offering a very sturdy attachment.
  • It’s very versatile. The Yakima Forklift fork mount boasts of a clamp design that’s compatible with almost all types of crossbar systems, including square, and round. This means that it fits on most cars, including those with factory crossbars.
  • Easy to setup and attach bike. Setting up this rack is pretty straightforward. The crossbar allows for up to 3 settings; one for round bars and two settings for factory crossbars.
  • Easy to use. The Yakima Forklift fork mount really shines when it comes to ergonomics. You can easily adjust the quick release clamp to fit dropouts of different thickness. You can also easily adjust the tightness of the rear wheel.
  • The Yakima Forklift fork mount is pretty durable. The sturdy tray seems to hold firm in all conditions even in conditions of heavy crosswinds.
  • It is a very secure rack. Chances of bike theft are slim to none as locked forklift racks are hard to beat when it comes to security. You’d need a couple of power tools plus a lot of time to uninstall the bike.
  • The forklift has a sleek design that adds aesthetic appeal when installed on your car.


  • Limited capacity. The first obvious downside of this rack is that it only carries one bike, which is a huge limitation. To carry more bikes, you’d need to mount additional racks if the crossbars have a wide spread.
  • As with all forklift racks, you have to remove the front wheel before clamping the bike. And since the bike is transported atop the car, you need to carry the bike above the level of your car’s roof. These setup movements are definitely an inconvenience.
  • It’s not easy to dissemble the rack after installation. Thus, if you need a rack that you can take off and reinstall again on a daily basis, this is definitely not the one.
  • It may not work with bigger, heavier bikes as it can be difficult to achieve optimal stability.
  • This forklift mount is best suited to cars that have a low roof height. If you have a car with a high roof height, installing this rack is going to be a tad tedious.


The Yakima ForkLift fork mount rooftop bike rack is incredibly versatile and efficient. It clamps to square, round, and factory crossbars and is easy to install. That means that you don’t need to purchase a new rack when you get a new car. It also offers top notch stability and security for your bike.

That said, you’d have to contend with a couple of downsides including some inconveniences while installing (such as removing the front wheel and lifting the bike high up over the roof) but overall, this rack gets the job done perfectly. If your car comes with factory crossbars, this is one of the best rooftop mount racks to transport your bikes with.

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