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The 9 Best Kayak Carts

Every kayaker will tell you that the journey from the car or campsite to the water’s edge is often more tedious and tiring than the hours of blissful paddling on the ocean, lake, or river that drives and inspire us to venture out in the first place...

The Best Bike Trailers

Staying active and getting the family outdoors should be a top priority whenever the weather allows it. We understand how difficult it can be when parents have to juggle pets, children, and even equipment transport whenever the great outdoors calls...

The Best Thule Bike Rack

As we all know, bike riding can be a highly enjoyable activity, your bicycle can significantly help with reducing stress, improving your overall physical condition, and it can also soothe some pains and help during the recovery process. All in all –...

The 10 Best Spare Tire Bike Racks

An effective method of doing so is with a spare tire bike rack, which is mounted on to the spare tire of your vehicle.

The Best 4Runner Roof Rack

Toyota’s 4Runner has been around for quite a while. The Japanese automaker introduced this body-on-frame SUV way back in 1984. It was a modified version of the Toyota Hilux pickup with an added row of seats and a removable fiberglass top. The...

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Upside Rack Review - RackMaven

Upside Rack Review

The Bottom Line Roof-based bicycle carriers are not perfect, as they have a couple of fitment limitations. They are the best solution for anyone who is nervous about overtaking other vehicles or parking with extra car...


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You'd imagine that something as straightforward as a bike rack would be easy to pick out and simply buy right? It's essentially something made of metal or plastic you hang your bike on or stick your bike in. Unfortunately, like with most modern gadgets and accessories, it's just not that simple. Bike racks also known as bicycle racks, come in several shapes and sizes. Each one serves a specific need, takes up a certain amount of space and costs you a certain amount of money.

As an example, even though they're all called bike racks, there's a big functional difference between bike storage racks and bike transport racks. Bike storage racks come in two flavours, indoor bike racks that are commonly used to store a bike inside a garage, house or apartment and outdoor bike racks used to store bikes in a backyard or even park them on the street.  Bike transport racks, sometimes also referred to as bike carriers, attach to the roof, trunk, spare tire or hitch of a car or SUV and is used to transport bicycles from one point to the next.