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The 10 Best Kayak Storage Racks

There are two main issues when you have a passion for kayaking; getting the kayaks to and from the water, and finding the best kayak storage racks for when you’re not using them. The first issue is easily sorted by getting yourself a great kayak trailer and setting out on your adventure! Let’s face it, kayaking is fantastic, there is nothing quite like the rush of being at one with the water, whether it’s calm or you’re in the middle of the rapids.

But, kayaks are not the smallest of beasts, you need to devise a kayak storage system that works for you. It doesn’t matter if you want kayak ceiling storage, kayak garage storage, or if you want to fashion your own DIY kayak storage rack. What matters is locating the best kayak storage rack for your needs and accepting that it’s different for everyone.

Fortunately, that’s what we’re here to help with!

Our Top Pick
Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack

The Suspenz EZ rack is a wall-mounted rack consisting of 2 heavy-duty brackets and straps. The mounts are made from powder-coated steel. They are available in yellow or black. This makes it excellent for indoor or outdoor use.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Before you purchase or even start considering the various kayak storage rack ideas, it is worth taking a look at the following guide, it will help to ensure you pick the right kayak storage rack for your needs:


There is no doubt you need to decide on a budget. The price of kayak storage racks can vary significantly, it’s important that you decide how much you can afford to spend and stick to that budget. After all, there are many other kayak accessories that you’ll need, there is no point in spending all your money on kayak storage racks and then not being able to use the kayaks!


You need to know the size of your kayak, or the kayak you’re intending to purchase. The average recreational kayak is between 6-12 feet long, while a performance kayak can be as long as 18 feet.
Knowing the size of your kayak will help to ensure you choose a kayak storage rack that can actually accommodate your kayak. Don’t forget, if you have more than one kayak you need to know the size of the largest one.

Kayak storage racks can carry a specific number of kayaks. You should also consider how many kayaks you have and whether you want to store them together or independently.


It goes without saying that you need to consider what space you have available. A kayak storage rack freestanding type is going to take up a significant amount of floor space. If you don’t have much floor space you may want to consider an outdoor kayak storage system, although you need to make sure the kayak cockpits are covered.

The outdoor kayak storage rack is a good option if you have a good-sized garden but limited garage or shed space.

Providing you consider what space you have available to store your kayaks you’ll know which types of kayak storage rack will work for you.


If you decide to create your own kayak storage rack this isn’t relevant. However, if you’re purchasing a readymade one it is worth checking the reputation of the manufacturer and reviews of the specific product. Social media sites and kayak forums are the best places to look, these will provide you with honest feedback from people who are actually using the kayak storage rack.
You can use these reviews to decide if you’re looking at the right rack.

Of course, you need to remember that it’s virtually impossible to keep every customer happy, there will be some negative reviews. However, the majority of reviews are positive.


It’s important to know the weight of your kayak or kayaks. Not all kayak storage racks are created equal, you’ll need to verify that the rack you want is capable of handling the weight of the kayak you have.


It’s important to note that there are several types of kayak storage rack, deciding which type suits your need before you start shopping will help you to choose the right kayak storage rack.

  • Freestanding racks
  • Ceiling mounted/hung
  • Wall-mounted
  • Outside racks – usually freestanding
  • DIY options – these can include elements of all the other racks!

So, you’re ready to buy but still not sure of the exact kayak storage rack for your needs? Check out the 10 best kayak storage racks to help you select the right one.

1. Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack

Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack

The Suspenz EZ rack is a wall-mounted rack consisting of 2 heavy-duty brackets and straps. The mounts are made from powder-coated steel. They are available in yellow or black. This makes it excellent for indoor or outdoor use. The straps that secure over the kayak are made from reinforced nylon, the Suspenz EZ rack is strong enough to support up to 100 pounds but offers fantastic foam protection to ensure your kayak is not scratched.

It’s worth noting that the rack bolts to the wall and extends out by 21 inches, you can mount it high enough in your garage that the kayak will not get in the way of your everyday garage use. Of course, when positioning it you’ll need to consider the weight of your kayak and lifting it on and off this kayak storage rack.
It’s a great budget option and very easy to set up and use.

2. RAD Sportz Kayak Lift Hoist

RAD Sportz 1003 Kayak & Canoe Lift Hoist

The RAD Sportz 1003 kayak storage rack is designed to attach to your ceiling, giving you a solid support system with a built-in hoist. This makes it exceptionally easy to put your kayak in the mount and hoist it up out of the way. The rack accommodates up to 125 pounds. It utilizes nylon straps and rubber-coated hooks, giving it strength while preventing your kayak from getting damaged.

It has a self-locking mechanism; the hoist cannot accidentally release your kayak, injuring you or damaging your boat.

Mounting is easy. The mount is screwed directly to a joist or to a piece of 2×4 which you can mount on the ceiling. Simply lower the cradles to the ground, place your kayak on them and attach the strap to itself, then hoist the kayak up out of the way. The rack may only take one kayak but you can always fit several to your ceiling.

3. Harken Garage Storage Ceiling Hoist

Harken Garage Storage Ceiling Hoist

This is another ceiling-mounted option that comes in several formats, depending on what you need. In short, you’ll need to decide how high your ceiling is and purchase the kayak storage rack that matches, the range covers ceilings from 10 feet to 16 feet, supporting weights of between 45 pounds and 145 pounds. A clever part of the Harken design is that it doesn’t matter how the weight is distributed on your kayak, it will use its patented design to lift and lower the weight evenly.

The ropes are double-braided to ensure longevity and the cleats are self-locking to prevent accidental release.

The whole process can be completed with one rope, making it very easy to do by yourself.

4. Malone J-Dock Hybrid Kayak and Gear Garage Storage Rack

Malone J-Dock Hybrid Kayak and Gear Garage Storage Rack

This rack is wall-mounted and supports two kayaks. Of course, you can also use them to store something else, such as a skinny cargo box and a kayak.

The mounts are stylish and made from powder-coated steel which makes them perfect for inside or outside use. They are corrosion resistant and have a limited lifetime warranty. The mounts support the sides of your kayaks and the 12ft nylon cam buckle straps hold them securely in place. It can handle up to 150 pounds in weight, yet each mount weighs just 6 pounds. It comes with everything you need to get it mounted.

5. Suspenz Universal Portable Boat Stand

Suspenz Universal Portable Boat Stand

The second offering from Suspenz is a freestanding kayak rack which can also be taken with you when you’re out and about. You will need some space for this rack as it simply sits on the floor.
The frame is aluminum and powder coated yellow, the fastenings are all steel, ensuring the rack is strong. In effect it is two folding stands, one can be positioned at each end of the kayak, providing enough support for any kayak up to 100 pounds.

The top part of each stand has a nylon strap for strength and to support the kayak, the frame also has a foam padding to ensure your kayak is not damaged. It stands at 17” tall and is surprisingly stable, regardless of how uneven the ground is. It can easily be folded and carried in the mesh bag which is supplied with the stand. This will allow you to look after your kayak at home, by the water, or even on vacation.

6. FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Garage Storage Rack

FLEXIMOUNTS 3x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

This is a stylish and surprisingly functional way to store your kayak. The Fleximount bolts to your ceiling, creating a cradle for your kayak. It measures 96” x 36” and has a height of 40”. You can even choose to have it in black or white.

The base of this ceiling mounted kayak storage rack is a mesh, made from rolled steel. This gives it strength and ensures that it can hold loads up to 550 pounds! The step by step instructions will have this kayak storage rack fitted in next to no time! The idea is to slide your kayaks into the rack, stacking them carefully on top of each other.

However, thanks to the strength of its construction you could also hang kayaks, or other items from the underside of the rack, with the appropriate straps.
What you will need to consider is how easy it will be to slide the kayaks into position.

7. Malone Auto Racks Kayak Storage Rack

This offering from Malone is freestanding and can handle 6 kayaks. It is made from powder-coated steel and can be used inside or outside.

The kayaks are supported in standard J racks which are bolted to the frame, these can actually be adjusted to the position that suits you best. They are covered in foam to ensure your kayak is well protected when it sits in the cradle. There are actually 8 frame levers included, allowing you to decide the perfect placement for each one and your kayaks. This ensures it is capable of accommodating virtually any type of kayak.

It can support up to 500 pounds. It’s also worth noting that you can purchase a caster wheel separately which will enable you to move your kayaks around effortlessly. You can’t make loading much easier.

8. Seattle Sportz Kayak Wall Hangers

Seattle Sportz Kayak Wall Hangers

Seattle Sports offers a wall hanging kayak storage rack which is little more than two J hooks. However, this simplistic design is great for those on a budget. It can accommodate your kayak, whatever its size, and can be fitted virtually anywhere in a matter of minutes.

Of course, you will need to make sure they are level to ensure the weight of your kayak is distributed evenly.

The hook is made of powder-coated steel. The rack is designed to support kayaks up to 200 pounds in weight. They are foam-padded to prevent your kayak from getting scratched.
Each hook measures 24.75″ H x 12.75″ D, all you have to do is decide where to fit them!

9. RAD Sportz 1004 Kayak Hoist Lift

RAD Sportz 1004 Kayak Hoist Lift

The 1004 RAD kayak hoist is very similar to the 1003 that also appears on this best kayak storage rack list. It mounts to your ceiling joist or to a piece of 2×4 attached to your ceiling and can handle a kayak up to 125 pounds.

You can mount it to any ceiling up to 12 feet high, lower the straps to the floor, slide your kayak into position, and secure the straps. Then, you simply need to hoist it up and out of the way. The built-in safety locks will stop your kayak from dropping accidentally.

It’s functional, stylish, and extremely easy to use!

10. Extreme Max Kayak Hoist

Extreme Max 3004.0204 Kayak/Canoe/Bike/Ladder Hoist

The final offering on this list comes from Extreme Max; it is ceiling-mounted and can be used for either kayak or bike storage. You’ll find all the mounting brackets you need to secure it to your ceiling.

The powder-coated steel construction can handle 120 pounds and includes two 94” wide webbing saddle straps. These wrap around the kayak, securing it safely before you hoist it into position.
It incorporates a self-locking mechanism to ensure your kayak cannot drop back to the floor without your assistance. With a little planning, you can hoist them into position directly from your truck or the roof of your car!

You need to take your time securing the mounts and verifying the hanging height.

Final Thoughts

Every kayak storage rack on this list can do a great job of storing your kayak safely while maximizing the space available for other uses in your garage.
The real question is what type of rack will suit your needs best.

Don’t forget, the best kayak storage rack for you is not necessarily the same as the one your friend has. It’s worth taking a few minutes to consider what you really need. This will help to avoid you purchasing a kayak storage rack that looks fantastic but doesn’t do the job as well as it could.

Our Top Pick
Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack

The Suspenz EZ rack is a wall-mounted rack consisting of 2 heavy-duty brackets and straps. The mounts are made from powder-coated steel. They are available in yellow or black. This makes it excellent for indoor or outdoor use.

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