The 10 Best Garage Bike Racks

As all cycling enthusiasts know, the struggle to store your bikes easily and conveniently at home is often all too very real. But unless you have an entire extra room or building dedicated to storing your bikes, the garage is usually your first port of call.

A garage bike rack is usually a stand, shelf, or suspended system that is used to store bikes indoors. Secure bike storage is essential as it provides a longer shelf-life to your bikes and is necessary for making indoor storage of bikes convenient in your home, apartment, or garage area.

Our Top Pick
BIKEHAND Bike Floor Parking Rack

To us, this is a first-rate product. Quality built, lightweight, portable, and effortless to set up and use.

The 10 Best Garage Bike Racks:

We continuously scour the web for new bike storage designs and evaluate their performance in the market and level of customer satisfaction before including them on this site. Our garage bike rack reviews are objective and aimed at shortening the amount of time you have to spend to find the best rack to fit your needs. If you don’t find what you are looking for or might prefer different models, be sure to check out our indoor rack article.

In this article, we’ve broken the rack varieties down into three simple categories:

The Best Freestanding Bike Stands

This design is preferred by bike owners who can’t drill into walls or ceilings. The independent stands allow this rack to be moved and re-positioned to suit the needs of the bike owner. Floor stands are without a doubt the easiest garage bike rack to use and most accessible of all bike storage stand systems.

1. BIKEHAND Bike Floor Parking Rack

BIKEHAND Bike Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand Bicycle

When it comes to storing bikes, simpler is better. After all, a long ride is a workout, and when you get home you just want to roll your bike into your garage and get inside for a hot, relaxing shower. The last thing you want is more work.

That’s why we like the BIKE HAND YC-96 floor parking rack. No lifting, no pulleys, no hanging, no balancing act – you just roll your bike into its place. When you push your bike onto this rack, the front holder will tilt down to receive the wheel. Smooth and easy. This is a welcome feature if you have a heavy mountain bike, downhill bike, or anything with some heft.

The rack comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box. No tools needed and nothing to think about. The stand weighs a mere 5.82 lbs. and, by pulling a single knob, can be folded flat for easy storage. This would also be a great rack for traveling with your bikes. It might be a bit large to just stuff into a backpack but taking it along on a bike trip would be no problem. You can store and care for your bikes on the road as well as you do at home.

The rack can hold a single bike with a wide range of tire sizes: 20mm wide tire on 650C & 700C road wheels, and 2.4″. wide and MTB/BMX tires in size 20″, to 29″ wheels.

The YC-96 holds on to your bike’s tire at three points, and the bike sits more deeply into the stand than many other racks, providing greater stability. And the wide base, with rubber-protected feet, keeps both bikes and stands solid and upright. Use it anywhere – garage, porch, great for displaying bikes, too. The powder-coated finish looks clean and professional wherever you put it.

Owners of particularly expensive bikes will appreciate that this rack only contacts your bike on the tires – avoiding scratches and any damage to the disc rotors or cassettes. Built from heat-treated steel, this is a rack that is built to last. There’s no reason why this YC-96 shouldn’t be standing in your garage as long your garage is standing.

To us, this is a first-rate product. Quality built, lightweight, portable, and effortless to set up and use. We like the way the front holder on this stand grips the tire and hold it onto the rack securely. The design is very stable, and this stand seems to be meant to have a long life.

2. Feedback Sports Bicycle Storage Stand

Feedback Sports Bicycle Storage Stand

Another contender for a first-rate, easy-to-use, rock-solid, go-to floor bike rack is the RAKK bicycle storage stand, made by Feedback Sports. This rack also allows you to simply roll your bike onto the rack, so you can relax and rejuvenate without having to do any lifting or balancing. Give your aching muscles a break.

Ready to use out the of the box – just unfold the stand and you’re all set – you roll your bike into the stand’s wheel slot. The slot can accommodate tire sizes from 20-millimeter road tires, up to 2.4″ wide mountain bike tires with wheel sizes between 20″ and 29″. The RAKK has a spring-loaded arm that holds on to your bike’s tire.

And, that spring arm gives your bike a little push when you are pulling the bike out of the rack – those little things count. You can load it in the front or back wheel. Only the tire makes contact with the stand, so there’s no risk of scratching or damage to the rim or spokes.

The RAKK has an extremely efficient compact design – the base footprint is 13.5″ x 13.5″, which is not much larger than a single floor tile. At a svelte 5.9 lbs., you can carry it anywhere easily. And when you fold it down for storage or to take it out bike tripping, it is only 3.5″. tall. – this one just might fit into your backpack.

We liked the very clever modular design that allows you to connect several racks together to form a row of bike stands. You have the option of spacing the racks 12″, 13.5″, and 15″ apart. Also, if you are looking for a bike rack to match the décor of your home or your very well-appointed garage, deserving of a well-appointed garage bike rack, you have some choices with the RAKK: It is available in black, white, and silver,

The look of the Feedback RAKK inspires confidence. We immediately noticed the square steel tubing that the base and spring arm are made from – it just looks tough. The design is simple and solid. Thanks to the modular design, the Feedback Sports rack might be the right choice for you if you want to store multiple bikes in a minimum of space.

3. Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand

Finally, we have the Racor PBS-2R, another simple, well, bare-bones,two-bike floor stand. Like the Swagman three-bike model above, you roll your front wheel into the slot, and there it is held by the frame and tubular steel arms. A quick fix to the bikes leaning against walls, lying on your garage floor, or flipping onto your car.

You’ll need to do a little work to put the rack together—everything you need is included, as is normal for most of these products. There are two options for construction: The stand can be assembled so that you can store two bikes in the same direction (side by side) or in opposite directions (facing one another).

Compact and light (a little over 12 lbs.) you can move the rack around easily. Assembled the rack measures 22.5″ high x 23″ wide x 22″ deep. The space between the two holding arms is roughly 2.5″, so keep that in mind if your bike has fat tires.

There have been a few users who complain about construction. Some have suggested that assembling the rack is a bit tricky. The company strongly recommends not fully tightening screws until the rack is fully assembled to make sure all parts are aligned properly. This may be the source of frustration for some people. Or rather, not following this advice might be the issue.

Another complaint is that the slots are too close together to allow storing larger bikes side by side. And like the Swagman, some complain that bikes with disc brakes are not going to fit in this rack.

But it’s an easy storage solution. Very easy to handle and move around. Small and light. Good for lighter, smaller bikes. A good place to store a couple of old beaters.

4. Swagman 3 Bike Stand

Swagman 3 Bike Stand

Utilitarian, simple, and straightforward, the Swagman 3 Bike Stand might be just what you’re looking for if you just want a place to stash some bikes. No frills here. It looks like a somewhat smaller version of the kind of public bike parking racks you see around town: little more than a frame and some slots for a bike wheel to fit into.

This three-bike floor rack is quick and easy to set up. Slide and snap the pieces together, tighten a few bolts, and, you have a bike rack. Specs? The stand is made from heavy-duty steel tubing. It measures 14 x 46 x 14″ (WxLxH) fully assembled, and it weighs 8.5 pounds.

No installation necessary – this is a freestanding rack. No surprises. It holds the bike at the wheel, and it should accommodate almost any type of bike. You can join two or more of these racks together and create a rack that will hold multiple bikes.

There’s not a lot more to say about this rack or what it can do. No special instructions for use or installation. And that’s a good thing, actually. The Swagman 3-bike stand is meant to be an uncomplicated storage solution.

The Swagman is a perfect rack for tossing in a corner of your garage, a place deserving of a garage bike rack, or setting up on a back porch. This would be a perfect rack for clearing up the chaotic tangle of your kids’ bikes. Or just a neat, simple way to keep your everyday commuting bikes off the floor, off the ground, clean and looking organized.

A few complaints: Some users have reported problems using this rack with bikes that have disc brakes. It will depend on the size of your bike, of course, but it’s something to keep in mind. Others have mentioned that the lightweight of the rack allows it to slide around when putting the bike into the slot. Finally, a few have mentioned that they feel the steel tubing is not sufficiently strong to hold bikes up.

They may have valid points, but the thing to remember here is that this is a simple rack, meant for easy, no-worries storage, and perhaps best used with lighter or more ordinary bicycles. You might not want to put your best mountain or road bike on it. Consider what is right for your needs.

5. Feedback Sports Velo Cache 2 Bike Storage Rack

Feedback Sports Velo Cache 2 Bike Storage Rack

Need to hold two bikes, but still want the simplicity of design, setup, and use? The Velo Cache 2 Bike Storage Rack by Feedback Sports is a great choice. Looking like a particularly stylish (and unusually tall) coat hanger, this stand provides a surprising number of useful features. You’ll have to do a bit of work to assemble this rack, but it seems simple enough.

The Velo Cache is a free-standing rack that will hold two bikes of various sizes, up to 80 lbs. There is no need to mount this rack on a wall or the ceiling – its tripod design keeps it upright and steady. What is impressive is that it takes up very little space in your garage or shop. When the stand is placed flush against a wall, the tripod will only stick out about 24″. This ideal for a crowded garage or workspace, making an empty wall or any unused space quite useful. The rack stands about 84″ tall.

Made of anodized aluminum, the rack has heavy-duty steel cradle arms that extend out 10″ from the stand to hold the bikes. You can adjust the arms to various heights to accommodate all sizes and types of bikes. Soft rubber covers the arms to protect that gleaming polished finish on your bike. The stand is stable enough to store one bike on the top of the rack while you take the other one out for a spin.

It is possible to expand the Velo Cache from a two-bike rack to a four-bike rack configuration with the Expansion Kit offered by Feedback Sports. The kit gives you two more arms, and the hardware needed to mount the arms to the stand. But this option is not cheap: It will cost you a neat 40-dollar bill to double the capacity of your rack. It also takes a bit of planning to figure out how to place the bikes on the rack, so they will fit. It also requires a bit more space than the two-bike configuration.

Some people might be tempted to use this rack as a work stand to make repairs, tune-up gears, lubricate the chain, etc. But this doesn’t seem like the best idea to us. Not only is there the problem of balance – no one wants a heavy mountain bike crashing down on them – but putting too much weight or torsion on the screws holding the rack together could be a real problem. It’s a storage rack, and that’s what it should be used for.

The Velo Cache seems like an excellent storage solution for two (or four) bikes. It’s solid, stable, not to mention that it looks quite good holding those bikes – it’s available in black and silver. Would be great for displaying your favorites or for bike shop owners to give their customers a great look at what they have on offer. Plus, it requires no mounting, does no damage to your walls or ceiling, and you can easily move the whole operation into another space, whenever you like, with a minimum of effort.

Downsides: Well, the expansion kit seems a little pricey. And, you have to lift the bikes up on to the rack. Poor you. You can always ask your wife (or your husband, or, you know, whoever) for a little help.

6. Racor Pro PLB-4R Freestanding Bike Stand

The Pro PLB-4R Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand, by Racor, provides a maximum of storage capacity in the minimum of space. This rack can hold four bikes (up to 160 lbs.) — enough for your whole family —in a floor space not significantly larger than the footprint of two of your bikes standing closely together side by side.

Some assembly is required with this stand – everything you need should be in the box. The rack is 80″ tall, and the large, round base is 28″ wide (parallel to the length of your bikes) and 39″ deep when fully assembled. The stand weighs 24 lbs. The PLB-4R is made with tubular steel and has a durable epoxy finish.

Installation of the vinyl-coated cradle arms that hold your bikes will require a bit of planning, depending on the size and type of bicycles you have. You can independently position the arms to accommodate different kinds of bike frames. To give an example: Since the rack holds a bike by gripping the top tube with its cradling arms, a women’s bike that does not have a straight top tube will need to have its cradling arms in different positions.

Also, depending on the height of your bike, you should do a bit of testing to determine the best height for fitting a top and bottom pair of bikes on the garage bike rack. You want to be sure the bikes will fit, but also that you can remove each bike from the stand easily without disturbing the others.

One caveat about ordering: There is a two-bike version of this rack (many of the reviews on the Amazon page for this product [PLB-4R] are talking about the 2-bike version) that is quite a different animal than this four-bike version. Be careful when reading these reviews and when ordering. This four-bike version seems to be a much sturdier piece of equipment. Also, the two-bike version can be mounted to a wall stud, the PLB-4R cannot. Its stability comes from the wide, rounded base and the weight and distribution of your bicycles.

The Racor Pro PLB-4R Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand is an interesting alternative to the Delta Cycle Michelangelo. With the Racor, you get twice the capacity of the Delta at roughly twice the price. It seems fair enough. We are tempted to give the tip of the hat, however, to the Delta. The Delta can be mounted to the wall for far greater stability. Safety is good. Users report that the Racor four-bike is quite stable, though. But it might be best to keep it out of high-traffic areas, and away from places where pets and children run wild.

The Best Wall Mount Bike Racks:

A wall-mounted garage bike rack is fitted directly on the wall using screws and bolts. These mounts use strong metal screws to ensure the sturdy hanging of your bikes and keep a gap of at least 6-8 inches in-between two hangers so that your bikes don’t get jammed together.

7. Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci Single Bike Storage Rack

Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci Single Bike Storage Rack

For the apartment dweller, homeowners who want to get some use out of an empty hallway, or any cyclist who is just a bit short on space, here’s a rack to help you make the most of the real estate you have. The Leonardo da Vinci Single Bike Storage Hook by Delta Cycle is a wall-mounted single-bike rack with a straightforward design.

The Leonardo is meant to be mounted to a wall stud – mounting this on drywall is asking for trouble. Delta Cycle provides the installation hardware and instructions. You provide a few tools: power drill, screwdriver, and perhaps a stud finder and a level to help describe a straight vertical line to determine the placement of screws for your garage bike rack. You also provide a bit of elbow grease.

To mount the rack, you must first locate a wall stud. Then, you place your bicycle against the wall, front tire up, with both tires touching the wall. Mark the spot where the front tire touches the wall and measure 12″ above that spot. That is where you drill your first pilot hole. A level gives you a straight line to find the mark for the second pilot hole, 49.2″ down from the first. From there, it’s just a matter of driving the screws home to secure the rack to the wall and then standing back to admire your handiwork.

To hang your bike, simply rest the front wheel onto the hook. The weight is absorbed by the rim of the wheel. That’s it. The Leonardo Da Vinci rack holds up to a maximum of 40 lbs., and the rack’s rubber-coated hook can accommodate any size, from touring to chunky mountain tires. A thoughtful touch is a clear plastic matte tire tray that attaches to your wall with adhesive tape to protect your wall – the rear tire sits in it neatly so there won’t be any ugly black tire marks.

Delta Cycle suggests two wall layouts for those who plan on using several of these racks to hold multiple bikes: The company recommends mounting racks about 25″ apart if you are planning to hang all bikes front tire up; but, you can mount the racks 18″ apart if you want to hang your bikes alternating back wheel up and front wheel up to maximize the number of bikes you can fit on a wall.

It’s a minimal and rather stylish little appliance. A simple, elegant design that provides a lot of functionality. We like that. Installation requires a little work, as well as some thoughtful attention to be sure everything is secure. Might take a bit of care to hang your bike onto it – and it might be difficult for children to use.

8. Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand Storage Rack

Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand Storage Rack

The Delta Cycle Michelangelo is another great space saver for anyone in cramped quarters – studio apartments, roommate situations — or for those just looking to get little utility from a blank wall or other unused areas. This cleverly designed garage bike rack uses the force of gravity to provide stability.

The rack does not need to be anchored to a wall – the weight of the bikes pushes the stand back into it, providing stability. But the manufacturer includes a simple mounting kit consisting of a nylon strap that you can screw into a wall stud, so you can secure it more fully if you wish. Rubber bumpers on the rack protect your walls from damage.

The Michelangelo requires some assembly to put into use, but everything you need is in the box – no additional tools are needed. The parts slide neatly together. Then you tighten a few M5 bolts, twist on the holding arms, lean it against the wall, and there’s your stand. Ready to receive bikes. You can do it all with your bare hands.

What is interesting about this bike rack is that the holding arms are not attached to the frame – no bolts or screws hold it in place. If you look at the video, you’ll see that the end of the arms that fit on to the frame is covered in rubber. That rubber grips the frame to hold the arm of the rack, and then the weight of your bike provides the leverage that holds the arm and your bike tightly to the frame. The ends of the arms that grip your bike are coated with rubber, as well – for a tight hold and to protect the paint.

The Michelangelo can hold two bicycles at up to 80 lbs. in total, stands 83″ tall. The two bottom feet are about 20″ apart and project out from the frame about 16″. Visually, it’s unobtrusive, with a slender profile, and a silver powder coat finish allows it to blend in with light-colored walls. It won’t compete for attention with your bikes.

We like the space-saving qualities of this rack. You really couldn’t neatly and practically store bicycles in a much smaller space – the bikes are parallel to the wall and only a little more than a foot away from it. You can place the holding hooks at any height you like, making it easy to accommodate different sizes of bikes. And if your preference for bikes should change, and everyone needs a change occasionally, you can simply raise or lower the arms to suit.

One concern we have is about the durability of the rubber that grips the frame and helps to hold the bikes. If it wears out, you lose grabbing power. And it is necessary to be careful about the positioning of the arms, both for holding the bike securely and for balance. As with any type of storage unit designed to hold more than a few pounds, some reasonable caution is needed.

There were also a few grumbles about the front wheel of the bike turning toward the wall after hanging and putting unsightly and upsetting black tire marks on the wall. It might be a good idea to batten down that front-wheel or the handlebars to avoid this.

The Best Ceiling Hoist Bike Racks:

This type of mounted garage bike rack is comprised of a rail mounted to the ceiling and a pulley system to allow the owner to hoist the bike. The pulley leverage system helps to lift and lower bikes effortlessly. This clears loads of space from the floor of your garage and protects the bike from corrosion damage for longer.

9. RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist

RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist Garage  Hoist 100LB Capacity

Now we’re getting into the heavy lifting area of the garage bike rack realm. The RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift Hoist is a ceiling-mounted rack system that stores your bike up and out of the way. As the manufacturer says, “There’s no such thing as not enough room for another bike.”

With the RAD Cycle bike lift, you have a two-piece pulley system that mounts either directly to the ceiling joists or to a 2 x 4 and then to your ceiling. The lift can hold up to 100 lbs., so it is able to handle an extremely wide range of bikes. Two rubber-coated hooks hold your bike at the seat and the handlebars.

Once you securely place the hooks, you are ready to use a rope to smoothly pull your bike up to the ceiling. When it reaches the top, a locking mechanism grabs the rope and acts as a brake to securely hold your bike in place. (The locking mechanism also keeps the rope and bike from slipping back down as you pull up, so you can take your time when hoisting.)

Finally, secure the rope to the wall-mount anchor, and that’s it. A really simple bike rack, perfect for your garage. The lifting seems very easy. It’s almost like beaming up your bike. To bring your bike back down, you just unlock the brake mechanism and ease it to the ground.

The manufacturer recommends using this lift system on ceilings up to 12 ft.

The RAD CycleBike Lift Hoist seems to be a well-made and effective bike storage solution. Your bikes are off the floor, up in the air – out of sight, out of mind. Also, this lift system is quite versatile and could easily be used for other purposes, such as storing ladders, benches, chairs, anything the system’s hooks could hold on to safely.

Toughness is particularly important for this type of bike rack, and the RAD Cycle lift seems to have that going for it. The company claims to use a thicker hoist rope than its competitors. Also, this hoist system is all-metal construction – the wheels on the pulleys are metal.

We have heard a few complaints about the screws included with the lift. Some users have suggested that using somewhat heavier fasteners might a good idea. It seems like good advice – there’s a lot of weight resting on those screws. And the pulling, twisting, and turning from raising and lowering bikes adds movement to the weight.

It is also necessary to make sure your ceiling is high enough to use this system You want to make sure you will have enough headroom to pass under your bikes – they will be hanging down from the ceiling, after all.

10. RAD Cycle Products Rail Mount Bike Hoist 

RAD Cycle Products Rail Mount Heavy Duty Bike Hoist and Ladder Lift 

Here is another ceiling-mounted hoist from RAD Cycle with a design that provides some added utility and versatility. The Rail Mount Heavy Duty Bike Hoist and Ladder Lift lets you to pull your bikes up to the ceiling for storage with pulleys, but this configuration has a unique rail system that lets you change the spacing between the pulleys, accommodation different bike sizes and hanging methods.

The dimensions of the rail unit are 30 x 8 x 8″, and it weighs about five lbs.

Another special feature of this system is that you can mount the rail either parallel or horizontal to your ceiling’s joists – giving you more flexibility in positioning the lift in your garage or shop. The rail is made from heavy-gauge aluminum – so you don’t have to worry about rusting.

Keep in mind that the rail-mounted hoist puts your bicycle about 102 from the ceiling. Add that 10″ to the height of your bike and you will know how far it will hang down.

This rail-mount hoist shares many of the design and operational features of its brother, the Bike Lift Hoist Garage Mountain Bicycle Hoist, another garage bike rack, found a few reviews up from this one. The Rail Mount Hoist offers the secure locking system to prevent any slippage of the rope holding the bikes – either during hoisting or storage. There is the same promise of an extra-thick hoisting rope for added strength. And there are rubber-coated hooks to hold your bike securely and top prevent damage to the paint.

Also. similar to the Bike Lift Hoist Garage Mountain Bicycle Hoist is the complaint about the quality of the mounting hardware included. Uses have spoken of stripped or broken heads during installation. But other proud owners of this rail-mount system have reported that using deck screws to secure the rail to ceiling joists produced solid results. A simple, inexpensive solution to a potential problem that may be well worth taking under advisement.

The RAD Cycle Rail Mount Heavy Duty Bike Hoist and Ladder Lift holds one bike (or ladder, bench, etc.) and can hold up to 75 lbs.

Finishing Types

There are different kinds of finishes or body works that vary depending upon the manufacturer of the garage bike rack system you select. A good finishing protects the rack from weather and other forms of damage and ensures the longevity of your system. Some popular coating finishes include:

Powder Coat

These come in various colors. The dry powder coating provides sturdy skeletal protection against weather changes and has a high glossy facade.

Zinc Coat

Also called galvanized coating. Mostly inexpensive yet provides excellent corrosion resistance against weather and other minor impediments. It has a dull appearance.

Cast-Off Plastic Coat

It is a plastic coat mostly made from recycled plastic materials and is environment friendly.

Stainless Steel

Considered one of the best hard-wearing materials with high corrosion guard and glossy attractive exterior. It is also simple to maintain and use and perfect for a garage bike rack.

garage bike rack

Garage Bike Storage Installation

The installation procedure of any type of bike rack is pretty crucial, so spend some time and do it right the first time to protect your bike and other items in the garage. The place of storage and optimum utility of the garage bike rack determines the modus operandi of the equipment in use.

Therefore, selecting a good location is a vital part of the installation process. Select spaces according to the type of bike rack you are installing in your home. Pick a safe spot where there will be fewer people or pets passing through.

This enhances the safety of the area. Also, ensure the locking mechanism of your equipment is correctly installed so that it doesn’t fall and cause unnecessary damage or injury.


Like any product where you will find an astonishing range of styles, sizes, configuration, features, and functions, the first step in choosing a garage bike rack is deciding what you want and need. You should also keep in mind where you will use the bike rack: Is it for your garage where a tough utilitarian look and maximum functionality is key? Or is the rack a place to display your prized street or racing bikes?

Are you planning to move the rack around, perhaps bring it along on a biking trek into the great outdoors? Or do you want a more permanent fixture? Put a little time into thinking about it. But be flexible. A design you thought was perfect for your tightly packed garage may have hidden drawbacks: too large or small, not enough features, etc.

Our Top Pick
BIKEHAND Bike Floor Parking Rack

To us, this is a first-rate product. Quality built, lightweight, portable, and effortless to set up and use.